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3 Shocking Facts About Goats you Never Thought Possible

Any new developments in the world of science are worth paying attention to. While not everything might make sense at first, there is always a reason to take note of what is going on behind the scenes. As it turns out, the life of the average goat is a lot more complex than most people ever assumed. These findings will make people not look at these animals in the same way ever again. 

Goats can Distinguish Emotions

This particular aspect should not come as a complete surprise. Most animals known to Man can effectively take note of emotions on some level, thus it is not that strange to see goats included on this list. What is rather remarkable, however, is how these animals can distinguish emotions from one another’s calls, as well as any human they interact with at any given time. 

This new finding took the scientists by surprise, for one very specific reason. Despite humans interacting with animals for centuries now, it seems our species has little to no knowledge of how social communication of emotions among animals happens. These new findings will shed an interesting light on how not only goats, but other hooved animals, may perceive emotions from all kinds of external sources. It is important to be nice and gentle to all animals, as they will pick up on what message is beyond conveyed, both verbally and non-verbally. 

Goats are Incredibly Clever

When looking at a goat, one might not necessarily assume these creatures to be extremely intelligent. After all, goats often seem laid back and content, but that may just be a facade. Goats are, based on their smarts, on a level similar to dolphins, whales, and elephants. That is not entirely what researchers assumed at first, yet it is another sign of how little humans understand about the complexity of animals. 

According to a study conducted by researchers at the Queen Mary University of London, goats are more socially adept than some humans are. Inside their brain, there are memories and skills which are obtained throughout their life. The domestication of goats may hinder their intelligence up to a certain degree, unfortunately, albeit more research needs to be done to either confirm or deny those allegations.

The Complex Social Context

Unlike what one might think when looking at a herd of goats, these animals often live in complex social groups. Although a goat can be more aggressive than other farm animals such as sheep, this is part of their exploratory and reactive nature. Combined with their high degree of social organization and their inherent intelligence, goats have evolved significantly throughout the ages. 

Other benefits of this complex social structure include effective foraging, successful care of offspring, and better access to sexual partners.  A group’s linear hierarchy will also keep everyone in check accordingly, although there will be “challengers’ to the crown as time progresses. There is a lot more going on in the world of a goat than might meet the eye at first.

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