6 Awesome 3D-printed Projects Worth Taking Note of

In the world of 3D printed ventures, there are tons of creative individuals. People can make their wildest dreams come true if they put in sufficient time and effort. The following examples all show what one can create with a clear vision and some dedication. Despite the potential of this technology, it would appear 3D printing has not captured too many consumers’ hearts just yet.

The 3D-printed Forearm and Hand

In most cases, people would think of 3D printing as a way to help people who deal with an injury or a minor disability. A lot of such projects and tools exist, but one Reddit user took things to a whole different level. He effectively 3D printed a part of a forearm for a friend, While some people may consider this to bring even more attention to the handicap, the prosthetic arm doesn’t look out of place that much. Only upon closer inspection, one can see there is a gap between the forearm stump and the prosthetic hand. As long as the end user is happy with the result, that is all that matters.

The Four-wheeled Dog

Not too many people would ever expect to see a dog on wheels. For those poor animals who suffer from a disability or being crippled at birth, a 3D-printed wheelchair of sorts could prove beneficial. This Reddit image shows off a four-wheeled cart for a tiny dog, which would allow it to move around in a relatively free manner. Turning the vehicle around m may be a bit of a challenge, but it is a solid design which can be improved upon further down the line.

That one Creepy Friend

When Halloween is around the corner, the unofficial holiday seems to bring out some very dark emotions in people. The following Reddit image shared over two years ago shows how one individual 3D-printed his own face and then applied face paint to make it seem as if his own face was removed. It creates a very gruesome, albeit fascinating image. Definitely an interesting stunt to pull, although one that might cost one a few friends along the way.

3D-printed Violins are a Thing

When the image shared by 3Dvarius first appeared on Instagram, many people assumed this was a one-time experiment involving a musical instrument no one could play. Things turned out very differently, as the company specializes in 3D-printing violins, which range anywhere from roughly $1,100 to $7,000. A very expensive, albeit unique project which has spawned a rather interesting business model.

The 3D-Printed Dress

Not all objects created with a 3D printer are designed to be used on a daily basis. This particular dress, while well-designed and beautiful to some people, would seem rather uncomfortable to wear more than once per lifetime. has captured the hearts of internet users all over the world. Dita Von Teese wore the dress, and a dedicated “making of” video was shared on YouTube a while ago. That video confirms this piece of clothing is not as stiff as one might assume at first.

The $11,000 Home

It is not the first time discussions arise pertaining to 3D printing full-fledged houses. While it is true these units will always be small first and foremost, the idea of having one printed on demand is rather exciting. In Russia, one such house was built for just $11,000 which further confirms this is a viable approach first and foremost. Apis Cor successfully printed the 400 square foot home in just 24 hours. This is not a plastic home either, as it is made of a concrete mixture which can last over 150 years.

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