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6 Blockchain Projects With The Fewest Developer Commits in 90 Days

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, it is evident things will continue to improve overall. The activity on GitHub of some projects can tell a lot about how things are progressing. In the case of the following currencies, they are ranked by low commit activity over the past 90 days. It is a worrisome trend, although there are many reasons why these numbers may be so low. Statistics are provided by OnchainFX.

#6 Numerai

Although there has never been much buzz regarding Numerai, it is an altcoin some people tend to keep a close eye on regardless. In terms of GitHub activity, it is not seeing too much excitement, with just one commit in the past 90 days. Rather unusual for a currency positioning itself as a data science competition platform. It will be interesting to see if things pick up as the year progresses further.

#5 Ark

There are numerous cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have high hopes for the Ark project. It was one of the hottest altcoins, albeit things have calmed down significantly With just one commit in 90 days, the currency is not undergoing too many changes as of right now. The quest to build interoperable blockchain products is far from over, though.

#4 Ardor

The self-professed blockchain-as-a-service platform is facing a lot of stiff competition from other similar projects. Even so, Ardor is solidifying its position in this market, as the project recently celebrated its second birthday. On the GitHub side, it seems the project has seen just one commit in the past three months, which is not all that promising.

#3 Storj

Anyone who has been involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain over the past few years will know what the Storj project is all about. The project mainly focuses on decentralized and private cloud storage to both consumers and corporations around the world. It has seen one commit in the past 90 days, which confirms the development of this ecosystem is still ongoing. Even so, one would expect a bit more activity from such a prominent project.

#2 Monacoin

The Monacoin project is primarily popular in Asia, by the look of things. That makes it a bit different from traditional cryptocurrencies, although it remains to be seen if Monacoin can achieve similar success in the rest of the world. With just two commits in 90 days, no drastic changes are being made to this currency, although there may not necessarily be a need for change either.

#1 Litecoin

No one will be really surprised to learn Litecoin has not seen a tremendous amount of commit activity over the past three months. Although three commits are still better than every other project on this list, Litecoin will simply not see any major developmental changes for the foreseeable future. That hasn’t hindered its potential price growth yet, nor will it impede future gains, by the look of things.


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