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6 Countries With the Most Bitcoin Hodlers

There are always a lot of concerns as to whether or not consumers even own any significant amounts of cryptocurrency. A recent study by Statista shows things are not looking all that bad, even though there is still a lot more work to be done prior to getting even close to mainstream adoption. The following countries are ranked by order of popularity and holdings.

#6 The United States

Even though the vast majority of cryptocurrency activities seem to originate from the United States as of right now, it would appear the United States are not as big of a “holder” of cryptocurrencies as was once originally assumed. Even so, it also has a much larger population than most countries on this list, and its 8% of consumers owning Bitcoin is still a major victory, all things considered.

#5 Czechia

Eastern European countries are not mentioned often when it comes to Bitcoin, other than for hacking attempts. In Czechia, it would appear there is a rather booming cryptocurrency community as of right now, resulting in 9% of all consumers owning cryptocurrency. It is unclear how popular Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are on an individual basis, but these figures are still rather promising regardless.

#4 Spain

One would expect Spain to be higher up on the list, primarily because of the number of regular bank ATMs supporting conversions from Bitcoin to cash. Unfortunately, it seems this remains a rather niche market first and foremost, despite 10% of consumers seemingly owning some form of cryptocurrency at this stage. An interesting turn of events, although more growth is direly needed.

#3 Poland

Not too much is known about the cryptocurrency industry in Poland as of right now It would appear there is a lot of positive momentum surrounding Bitcoin and altcoins. With 11% of the consumers apparently owning some cryptocurrency as part of their wealth portfolio, an interesting trend is being created. Improving upon these figures will not be easy until proper regulation can be established.

#2 Romania

It is not entirely surprising to see Romania rank rather high on this list. More specifically, the country is home to hundreds of thousands of freelancers who tend to work on an international basis. As such, cryptocurrency payments make a lot of sense, because of their borderless nature. The 12% of consumers owning some sort of cryptocurrency is entirely to be expected.

#1 Turkey

Despite the political tensions in Turkey, there is a good reason why Bitcoin and altcoins are gaining a lot of traction in quick succession. Despite the lack of any official regulation, things look rather promising. Nearly one in five Turks own Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, which is a rather surprisingly high figure. Even so, these details only represent a fraction of all residents, and should be taken with a grain of salt.


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