6 Proof-of-Stake Coins With a High Annual Yield in 2019

Making money with cryptocurrencies can be done through many different methods. Some users like to invest, whereas others trade, speculate, stake, or mine. Even the lending services are gaining popularity, which shows the ecosystem is still growing and expanding. For those looking to stake coins with high annual yields, the following options are worth checking out at one’s own risk. All of these statistics are subject to change based on when one reads this article. Information is provided by StakingRewards.

Horizen (ZEN – 30% Annual Yield)

By far the one altcoin which has the highest annual staking yield is Horizen. It is a masternode currency which has attracted a lot of attention in the past few months, which would explain why it is still priced at nearly $11 under the current circumstances. It is rather common for masternode coins to effectively offer staking as well, although a 30% yield is rather high. Given how still 14.4 million ZEN have yet to be brought into circulation, it is safe to say the staking rewards will play a big role in the process. The project currently has a $70.47m market cap, although that number will undoubtedly fluctuate a fair bit.

Edgeless (EDG – 30% Annual Yield)

Similar to Horizon, it seems Edgeless offers very similar annual rewards for users willing to stake their coins. With a current value of $0.12 per coin, those rewards will not necessarily add up to big amounts of money to be earned throughout a calendar year.  Edgeless has a total supply of just over 132 million EDG, of which 117 million EDG are in circulation at this time. With a current market cap of $13.44m, it will be interesting to see how the staking rewards impact the EDG price as a whole.

Radium (RADS – 25% Annual Yield)

It is always interesting to see how different altcoins try to make a name for themselves. In the case of Radium, it seems the annuals taking rewards are one of the bigger selling points. The value per RADS is $1.16 at this time, thus it seems users will be able to make some decent money if the price doesn’t collapse entirely. ¬†Roughly 60% of the Radium supply has yet to be brought into circulation, thus it seems the staking rewards will remain rather high for a while. At its current market cap of just over $4m, it seems Radium hasn’t caught too many people’s attention as of yet.

Pundi X (19.4% Annual Yield)

It has been an interesting past 18 months for all ICO tokens. Similar to most others, Pundi X has lost a fair bit of value, as its market cap declined to $221 million. Users who stake their coins are expected to earn roughly 19.4% of their holdings per year, which can add up to some very solid gains overall. With a total supply of 266.962 billion NPXS to be created, and 212.624 billion NPXS in circulation right now, there are still a lot of tokens to be brought into circulation. How that will impact the overall value per NPXS has yet to be determined.

SmartCash (SMART – 17.8% Annual Yield)

There are plenty of high-yield coins in the staking industry, which shows the business model is far from unique. SmartCash tries to keep its rewards modestly low, but 17.8% is still on the high end of the spectrum. The currency has only just surpassed 40% of its maximum supply, yet it seems the price is struggling to remain above $0.01. With its market cap of $13.21 million, an interesting time lies ahead for SmartCash.

ZCoin (XZC – 17% Annual Yield)

The final coin on this short list comes in the form of ZCoin. While it is a currency not too many people seem to talk about, it has attained a $56.83m market cap, which is rather impressive. Users who stake their coins will earn up to 17% annual yield, which is rather decent while the value per XZC sits at $7.46. As of right now, just over 1/3rd of the ZCoin circulation is available, thus staking will continue to create a major influx of new coins accordingly.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or digital currency.

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