6 Verified Brave Publishers on YouTube to Support With BAT – April 2019 Edition

Cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets have the chance to disrupt the entertainment industry as people know it today. Basic Attention Token and the brave browser are trying to make a lasting impact in this regard. Given the vast increase of verified Brave browser publishers, it seems things are off to a good start. Especially YouTube creators see a lot of merit in this offering.

#6 EspanolTNT

Although this channel many only target a niche audience, the Spanish-speaking community on this planet is a lot bigger than some people may assume. EspanolTNT lets Spanish users enjoy all machinima creations by ExplodingTNT, but in the Spanish language. To date, the channel has garnered over 122 million views and counts over 651,000 subscribers. The channel became a verified Brave publisher earlier this week, thus it will be interesting to see if they can benefit from this new revenue stream.

#5 PocketNow

Fans of portable device news coverage might be familiar with PocketNow on YouTube. It is a channel which has been around since 2017 and is still one of the first mobile-oriented technology channels to come to the video streaming platform. With nearly 664 million views in 11 years and over 1.7 million subscribers, the choice to become a Brave verified publisher is rather interesting. Tapping into new ways of making money is never a bad business decision, however.

#4 Eric Bartel

Although Eric Bartel is on the right track to become a prominent YouTube creator, most people may not be familiar with his work. He mainly focuses on audio entertainment related to sleeping better, relaxation, and so forth. It is a very unique channel which seems to be gaining in popularity fairly quickly. Over 66.2m views have been recorded since November 2011. His channel also has nearly 300,000 subscribers, which further confirms becoming a verified Brave publisher can work out quite well.

#3 Red Ice TV

While Red Ice TV may be a bit of a controversial channel to some, their content will always find an audience. The alternative views on mainstream media, politics, culture, entertainment, and so forth seem to strike a chord with over 312,000 subscribers. The channel also garnered over 46.375 million views, which is more than respectable. For those who enjoy alternative topic coverage, this new verified Brave publisher could be worth checking out.

#2 The Cypher Effect en Espanol

It would appear Spanish-speaking YouTube channels are lining up to become verified Brave publishers these days. The Cypher Effect en Espanol  This hip-hop-oriented channel aims to promote artists and grow the international music movement. They even allow MCs to submit or present video clips on their channel, which is rather interesting. With over 152.5m views and 601,000 subscribers, the channel has seen its fair share of growth in recent years.

#1 Whatoplay

The correlation between video gaming enthusiasts and cryptocurrency supporters has been rather obvious for some time now. Whatoplay is a YouTube channel focused on video games spanning all platforms, including PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and Xbox One. They recently became a verified Brave publisher to tap into an additional revenue stream. With nearly 110 million views and 525,000 subscribers, they may help put BAT on the radar in their own way.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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