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A Groundbreaking Altcoin Surfaces, Promising 100x Returns, and Outclassing Litecoin and Uniswap

Litecoin (LTC) is slowly joining the league of cryptocurrencies that will be used as a medium of exchange by businesses across the world. Also, more investors seem interested in Uniswap (UNI) following the Binance debacle. On the other hand, some savvy investors were lucky enough to invest over $1.8 million in a new crypto project called BorroeFinance ($ROE). Let’s delve in to see what experts think about these tokens.


BitPay to Accept LTC Payments for Microsoft Accounts

On December 6, BitPay (one of the world’s best cryptocurrency payment processors) announced that Litecoin is now accepted as a means of payment for customers with Microsoft accounts. This new collaboration allows you to pay for your Microsoft services with Litecoin tokens seamlessly. Earlier in November, BitPay also announced that Mecum Auction (a car dealership company) is now accepting Litecoin as a means of payment.

Litecoin’s acceptance by a tech giant placed LTC on a bullish trajectory in December. On December 1, LTC traded at $69.64. A few days later, LTC traded at $73.40 on December 6. Experts say Litecoin is one of the top altcoins predicted to gain global acceptance by 2030, and the events of recent weeks are in line with this target. Right now, analysts expect LTC to surge and trade for $80 in Q1 2024 due to the positive mood in the Litecoin ecosystem.

UNI Records Double-digit Surge in Q4 2023

The US DOJ recently nailed Binance and forced its CEO to resign. Consequently, this development reminded crypto investors that only DEXs like Uniswap are truly independent. After the DOJ announcement, investors flocked to Uniswap, triggering a UNI bull run in late November. As a result, notable investment experts like Franklin Templeton’s CEO, Jenny Johnson revealed that she added Uniswap to her crypto portfolio.

For context, UNI traded at $5.07 on November 22. A few days later, UNI gained 19.85% and traded for $6.05. Uniswap is the largest DEX in the world according to trading volumes, and analysts expect more DeFi companies to migrate to the platform in the coming weeks. As a result, UNI will likely trade for $8.50 by Q1 2024.

$ROE Investors Set to Record Triple-digit ROI in 2024

If you are a crypto investor looking for a token that can deliver massive ROI in the coming weeks, look no further than $ROE

$ROE is the native token of BorroeFinance, and this platform aims to allow web3 businessesto raise instant cash by selling future digital earnings to supportive communities at discounted prices. Currently, savvy investors have invested almost $2 million on this BorroeFinance, and more are still incoming.

$ROE’s third presale stage recently kicked off, and the token is selling for $0.0175. At the end of the presale stages, $ROE will list on major crypto exchanges and sell for $0.0400. At this point, early $ROE investors will get a massive 128.6% ROI, and experts predict that this price movement will play out in early 2024.

Learn more about BorroeFinance here:

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