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AAVE and UNI Holders in awe after +100% Gains during Oryen Presale

Few tokens have impressed crypto traders in 2022 like ORY has. The native token to Oryen Network doubled its value in a month, sparking excitement among other token holders. The unprecedented performance comes amid dipping crypto prices that have resulted in massive losses for investors. Now, there’s growing excitement among these investors to shift base and buy the fast-rising ORY.

A few weeks after Oryen’s Phase 1 presale launch, investors exhibit confidence in the project’s sustainability. Moreover, for holders of formerly lucrative tokens like AAVE and UNI, the Oryen staking protocol offers a far better deal with steady revenue earning. So, how soon will we see the shift to ORY?

A Race Against Time

The earliest backers of Oryen are already reaping 2X profits after the token’s value spiked from $0.05 to $0.10 in October 2022 alone. During the same period, the overall crypto market continued its downward trend, meaning most DeFi tokens shed some value. Primarily, token holders searching for a profitable cryptocurrency only have time against them considering ORY’s offering.

Oryen’s high-yield staking mechanism guarantees users a fixed APY of 90%. What’s more? You don’t have to lock your funds for a month or year to receive the interest. After staking, Oryen offers interest payouts every hour, incentivizing users to stake even more and earn near-instant payouts.

Oryen also buffers its token against adverse crypto market conditions to support its steady fixed APY. In addition, the platform’s triad features comprising the Risk-Free Value (RFV) wallet, Treasury, and Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) power this 90% annual interest output. Also, Oryen developers conduct smart contract audits through SolidProof to maintain optimal performance.

Delighted DeFi Crowd

Oryen is feature-packed and capped with a steady flow of high-interest payouts that has thrilled AAVE and UNI holders. Despite being two of the five large-cap DeFi protocols, AAVE and UNI tokens’ value has declined, leaving holders to find safer investment grounds.

Among the top-performing altcoins, investors express interest and confidence in ORY for its value proposition and massive returns. Already, the automated staking platform has recorded a surge in users as the community grows ahead of the upcoming presale phases.

The Wrap-up

It may be foolhardy to invest during a bearish crypto market as it is currently. One exception to this rule is when a project has proven its sustainability. Despite declining markets, ORY has remained bullish, soaring to $0.10. This 2X spike has attracted more users, and the growth could only go one way from this point – upwards. Surely, DeFi token holders wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

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