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ADA and XTZ Trade Almost 100% From ATH, As Raboo Readies For Market Domination

The cryptocurrency market is currently witnessing a significant shift in sentiment concerning two top altcoinsCardano and Tezos, as they have slumped almost a staggering 100% from their respective all-time highs.

Meanwhile, the debut meme coin with unbeatable growth potential and interesting utility, Raboo ($RABT) is attracting investors with its cutting-edge technology that could make it become a dominant force in the cryptocurrency space going forward. Here are the details regarding these three altcoins.

XTZ declined from ATH despite a major network upgrade: Tezos X to the rescue?

Tezos (XTZ) recently unveiled Tezos X, a set of planned upgrades designed to improve the blockchain’s performance, ability to work with other systems, and overall versatility. A key part of the plan is to separate transaction execution from the main Tezos blockchain by using a “canonical rollup” – a separate system that can support multiple programming languages.

Since Tezos has been declining for quite a long time, the plan to upgrade Tezos did not pique investors’ interest as expected. CoinMarketCap currently tracks XTZ’s fall from its all-time-high of $9 to a current price of $0.7058. Due to this downtrend, many investors now consider XTZ an unfavorable asset to invest in at the moment.

Cardano (ADA) in steep decline: 87% down from all-time-high

Similar to many other top altcoins, Cardano is also trending downwards, with ADA now priced at $0.378 – a 6.3% 24 hour decline. Looking at Cardano’s chart from a technical standpoint,  ADA recently hit a crucial support level of $0.3389 and has failed in several attempts to surge from that level, indicating the presence of a strong bearish influence around the token.

With ADA’s decline going on for quite a long time, declining by 87% from $3.10, its price as of September 2, 2021- its all-time-high, many investors appear to be leaving Cardano in favor of alternatives with more bullish potential.

Raboo: The new meme coin championing quality over quantity?

Currently, the meme sector is dominated by the likes of DOGE, SHIB, and PEPE; however, a new contender known as Raboo is set to shake up the status quo, with its excellent token presale and revolutionary platform well-engineered to render various intriguing utilities to users.

One of the things that gives Raboo an edge over other meme coins is its unwavering dedication to quality over quantity. Raboo emphasizes on quality by ensuring the continuous removal of low-effort meme content from the Internet and the creation of the most exceptional and engaging memes.

Raboo’s reach extends beyond the traditional boundaries of Web2, as it has mastered the details of Web3 as well by integrating with both the centralized and decentralized realms of the internet, exerting its influence across the entire digital landscape.

With Raboo’s token presale at Stage 4, offering $RABT at $0.0048, analysts believe in a potential 233% surge once Raboo launches in the market.


While Cardano and Tezos have seen dramatic declines of nearly 100% from their all-time highs, the new meme coin  Raboo is poised to disrupt the crypto market with its unique approach. Moreover, with its presale currently underway, analysts are anticipating a potential 233% surge once Raboo launches, positioning it as one of the best altcoins to invest in and also a compelling alternative for crypto investors seeking quality over quantity in the meme coin space.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:

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