AI and Blockchain-based Crypto Resource Network Taklimakan Launches New-Look

A new generation blockchain-based social network, Taklimakan is disrupting the investment ecosystem through its all-encompassing business and investing resource platform hinged on artificial intelligence.

One of the deterrents into the burgeoning space of cryptocurrency is the fragmented information resource base, and this has been a major deterrent to new entrants as well as a constant hurdle for current players in the industry. Be it an investor, analyst, or a trader, keeping up with the constantly changing tempo of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry requires a broad and usually costly subscription to numerous information resources.

About Taklimakan Network

The Singapore-based platform Taklimakan combines three cutting edge technologies – AI, blockchain and social networking to solve the need for the growing demand of information systems. It provides cryptocurrency users a one-stop tool to all trading and investment resources, eliminating the need for a subscription to multiple trading and investment information platforms.

The team behind the Taklimakan project has been building the product since its inception in 2017. Being developed by investment and trading experts with previous experiences from various financial institutions such as Barclay’s, RBS and Russell Investment, the platform promises to revolutionize the trading and investment ecosystems by optimizing throughput strategies being developed by crypto users.

The Taklimakan Network is currently in its beta stage of development, with over 8,000 users on the platform. At the current pace of development and its rising popularity, speculations have it that it may not be too far behind a milestone of a million users.

Features of Taklimakan Network

The Taklimakan Network integrates cryptocurrency market systems, such as social investment networks, market indicators in form of technical and fundamental resource systems and educational resources; aimed at enabling cryptocurrency enthusiasts of all levels to leverage the robust AI-fused information-rich system. Other exciting features of the network include:

  1. A news aggregation system that collates latest crypto-related news as they are being published with inferential insights from experts on projects and crypto developments around the globe;
  2. An educational section containing cryptocurrency learning tools to help new users with relevant information about the cryptocurrency industry
  3. An analytics section that aids with investment and trading decisions;
  4. Top-notch trading tools that help the cryptocurrency traders leverage shared insight and technical tools to give an extra edge to trading decisions;
  5. Finally, a social network that connects like-minded individuals to seamlessly share information about market trends and investment insights.

Proposed future developments

The platform is user-friendly and can scale with the needs of its user base; as more features and functionalities have been proposed for future developments. Such features will include an enhance AI algorithm for better crypto trading insights. Other developments would include:

  1. An investment section dedicated to prospective crypto projects, giving them the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the growing expanding user base on the Taklimakan platform.
  2. Taklimakan has also hinted on the development of a decentralized exchange which will make it easier for both users and projects showcased on the platform to leverage an existing user base of refined cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  3. Another intriguing feature which may appeal to crypto users is the addition of a crypto market, which in of itself could provide more utility and fungibility to crypto assets.
  4. A section for the vast gaming niche, to provide users with engaging games to unwind while they use the other services of the platform.
  5. A blogs section will also be included to allow users to monetize their exclusive contents.

A competitive advantage for the Taklimakan Network is its simplistic yet rich feature design, which at its core embraces enthusiasts of all levels, giving both beginners and experts the opportunity to hone their investment and trading skills through the diffuse network of crypto-related information and expertise provided on the platform.

To find out more, visit the website: https://taklimakan.io/

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