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AI Crypto Buzz: Raboo (RABT) Takes Spotlight as Cardano and Toncoin Prices Dip

In the bustling world of AI crypto, a new hidden gem emerges as Cardano and Toncoin prices dip. Raboo (RABT) is capturing the spotlight with its promising presale.

Currently in its second stage, Raboo has attracted nearly $1 million, boasting over 4,000 registered members and 1,400 token holders. Priced at a mere $0.0036, the RABT token is anticipated to surge by 100x in 2024. 

As Cardano price wobbles, let’s explore why analysts believe Raboo could grow by an astonishing 233% during its presale.

Raboo rises: A new meme coin star to grow 100x as market giants stumble

Raboo (RABT) emerges as a bright spot amid declining prices of established players like Cardano and Toncoin. Raboo is a meme coin designed to captivate and engage a community of meme lovers through innovative uses of SocialFi and AI technologies.

Raboo’s ecosystem is a colorful playground of NFTs, exclusive merchandise, and AI-generated memes, offering users a unique platform where creativity and digital expression run wild. It supports a thriving community where interaction, exploration, and personal expression are heavily encouraged.

Raboo stands as a beacon of quality and creativity, fighting against the onslaught of subpar memes with the help of its advanced AI technology, dubbed Rabooscan. It’s a tool that scans and evaluates memes across social platforms, ensuring that only the best memes thrive. Additionally, token holders can stake their RABT to earn rewards, adding a layer of financial incentive to community engagement.

Cardano’s smart contract surge: Powering through market downturns

Cardano is making notable strides with its Plutus V2 smart contracts, reflecting robust growth and innovation. Despite the overall bearish crypto market, Cardano‘s dedication to enhancing its smart contract capabilities is paying off. The recent stats show a significant increase in the number of Plutus scripts on the Cardano network, signaling strong developer activity and a flourishing ecosystem. 

However, the Cardano price has dipped, mirroring the broader market downturn. Yet, the expansion of smart contracts on Cardano highlights its potential resilience and long-term value. Cardano continues to strengthen its position as a leading blockchain platform, promising exciting developments for its users and investors.

Toncoin: From niche to top nine in record time

Despite the drop in value by over 15% weekly, Toncoin has recently made significant strides in the crypto market. The buzz around Toncoin soared as it spiked by 61% in just two days, thanks to speculation about Telegram’s potential IPO, boosting Toncoin‘s profile​. This surge propelled Toncoin to the eighth position in market capitalization, surpassing well-known cryptocurrencies like Cardano and nearing Dogecoin’s rank​. 

Additionally, Telegram’s shift from the euro to Toncoin for ad payments further increased Toncoin‘s utility and demand. This strategic shift enhances the TON blockchain’s economic integration. Recently, Toncoin hit a new record, an impressive rise from its earlier value around $1 in mid-2023, currently hovering around $6.2. This suggests a bright future for Toncoin, with potential for continued growth and stability.


As Raboo’s presale swiftly sells out, this limited-time opportunity in the AI crypto space is one not to be missed. With its rapid sale pace and analysts forecasting explosive growth, joining the Raboo community now could be a game-changing move. 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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