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Analysts Believe Theta Network (THETA), Flow (FLOW), and DigiToads Could Be The Perfect Basket Of Investments For Your Portfolio

Variety is the spice of life and the same can be said for your crypto portfolio. Diversifying your portfolio ensures that your assets are shielded against volatility as every cryptocurrency reacts differently to market factors. In recent times, many Theta Network ad Flow holders have been gravitating towards DigiToads for diversifying their portfolios. It’s a credible crypto that has been garnering rave reviews because of a hybrid economic model that combines the best features of a meme coin and a play-to-earn vertical. To know more about why it’s in the news, let’s explore its features.

Why DigiToads is the crypto market’s new favorite coin

DigiToads is an Ethereum-based meme coin that also includes a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. The benefit of its unique model is that its users get multiple opportunities to earn passive income. Right from staking assets to trading tokens to participating in Web 3.0 games and even exciting incentives, you won’t be running out of options any time soon with DigiToads. The beginner cryptocurrency has rolled out a native token called TOAD that will be made available on presale.

A factor that has been instrumental in making DigiToads one of the best coins to invest in is its decentralized structure of governance wherein the community plays a focal role. Not only are community members encouraged to participate in governance but they are also rewarded for participation. For instance, all TOAD token holders are eligible for monthly rewards. These awards are given from the prize pool for which the team plans to set aside 10% of its annual profits.

One can also stake NFTs with DigiToads and earn rewards. The rewards will be directly proportional to the duration for which an asset has been staked. The platform would be allocating 2% of all TOAD allocations for maintaining the staking pool. The team has also decided to set aside 2.5% of its profits for charitable donations to organizations working to preserve rainforests across the world.

In its monthly trading competitions, DigiToads rewards Platinum Toads to users trading the highest volume of tokens. The Platinum Toad ensures access to 1/12th of the treasury fund. Winners also get to keep 10% of the profits they bring in as an incentive for enlarging the treasury size. These competitions serve as the perfect opportunity for the team to ring in high trade volume every day.

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Theta Network announces the annual hackathon

Theta Network is a blockchain platform that provides Web 3.0 infrastructure for live streaming, videos, and other media applications. Its native token THETA is the primary cryptocurrency on the network. The platform’s video infrastructure includes a Web 3.0 video application programming interface that enables them to lower costs when they have to encode or store a video. Users can also monetize their content and intellectual property with NFTs. The Theta Network recently announced its annual hackathon wherein it is inviting developers to send in ideas that can build on the platform’s use cases and functionality. Winners stand the chance to win a part of a prize pool of over $250,000.¬†

Flow token enters the accumulation phase

Flow is a Layer 1 blockchain that equips developers with cutting-edge tools to build scalable and resourceful dApps meant for mainstream adoption. The utility-driven platform has a native token called FLOW which serves as the medium of exchange on the network. With Flow, developers can look forward to seamless onboarding and an easy user registration mechanism for social media, payment methods, and wallets. Its user-centric model balances the security and recoverability of accounts. The FLOW token is currently being accumulated by whales and may start a rally soon. 


If you compare the three cryptocurrencies, DigiToads offers its users a more lucrative economic model as an upcoming cryptocurrency ICO than the other two. Cryptocurrency analysts who have reviewed it believe its functionality gives it an edge over Theta Network and Flow. They also claim that it has the potential to earn over 100x returns due to its versatile utilities and the potential to earn passive income.

For More Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community.

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