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As Chainlink (LINK) Prices Poised for A Deeper Dive, DigiToads (TOADS) Emerges with Over $6.5 M Already Raised

In the cryptocurrency market, projects are always vying for attention and investor interest. In recent times, the crypto community has been loosely observing Chainlink (LINK), as its prices undergo fluctuations, leaving investors uncertain about its future trajectory. However, amidst this uncertainty, a new player, DigiToads (TOADS), has caught the attention of both investors and experts. Combining NFT technology with a play-to-earn gaming paradigm, DigiToads is gaining popularity as a meme coin project with promising potential.

In this article, we will delve into the features and innovations that make DigiToads stand out, as well as take a brief look at the current situation of Chainlink.

DigiToads: the play to earn meme coin

DigiToads has set itself apart in the crypto space by blending NFT technology with a play-to-earn gaming model. This unique approach allows users to own their TOADS while earning money through their NFTs, making it an enticing proposition for investors seeking both fun and profits.

At the heart of this concept is the Toad-cade, a play-to-earn game where the DigiToads community can engage in battling and breeding their adorable toads.

One remarkable aspect of DigiToads is its commitment to rewarding its users. A significant 50% of the funds generated from in-game item sales are allocated to a monthly prize pool, distributed among the most committed and committed players, thus fostering a strong community spirit.

DigiToads has also introduced innovative features to stimulate treasury growth and provide passive income opportunities to investors. the Toad School is an innovative addition that offers a full trading course, making DigiToads a trusted crypto project for beginners. TOADS holders can enhance their trading skills and participate in the DigiToads decentralized exchange, the Trading Post, when it launches.

DigiToads also introduces the Platinum Toads incentive, a reward given to the top contenders in the monthly TOAD vs TOAD trading competitions. A total of 12 platinum toads will be awarded to the winners, over one year. These holders will have access to 1/12 of the TOADS treasury, and receive 10% of all trading gains, providing an extra layer of benefits to successful traders.

Moreover, DigiToads incorporates a deflationary mechanism to ensure unhindered growth. A 7% tax fee is levied on every transaction with 2% of the collected fees used to buy back toads and burn them. This leads to token scarcity and potential price surges.

An additional 2% of the taxes is sued to fund the staking pool, which is used to reward those who have locked up their NFTs in the system. These rewards are distributed based on the number of NFTs staked and the duration that they are locked up. The more the NFTS staked and the longer the staking period, the higher the reward.

These groundbreaking features have incentivized investors to join the DigiToads presale and invest over $6.5 million in a span of 10 presale stages. The presale, which ends on August 15, is set to raise over $7 million before that time.

Chainlink: price concerns looming

On the other side of the crypto spectrum, Chainlink, (LINK), a project renowned for its oracle services has been experiencing price volatility. This has caused uncertainty among investors who are unsure about its immediate future. While Chainlike remains a significant player in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, investors seem to be avoiding it at the moment due to negative price predictions.


As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, new projects like DigiToads are making their mark with innovative concepts and offerings. DigiToad’s combination of NFT technology and play-to-earn gaming has garnered significant attention, with its unique features and reward mechanisms enticing both investors and gaming enthusiasts.

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