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As Polkadot & Chainlink Tremble, BorroeFinance Sees150x Bull Run

While top altcoins like Polkadot (DOT) and Chainlink (LINK) recorded minor price surges in December, BorroeFinance ($ROE) is set to deliver big ROI to investors. According to reports, BorroeFinance’s third presale stage is underway, and savvy investors are buying. Keep reading to see expert forecasts and opinions for these tokens.


DOT Surges Amid Web3 Foundation Partnership

On November 29, Centrifuge announced an investment partnership with the Web3 Foundation. The Web3 Foundation is the brain behind Polkadot, and this collaboration with Centrifuge will see the platform invest in tokenized US treasury bills.

Polkadot’s Web3 Foundation will start with a $1 million investment as part of its commitment to support new DeFi projects. In addition, Co-founder of Centrifuge, Lucas Vogelsang, said, ‘The collaboration has set the stage for significant growth and innovation for real-world assets using Polkadot’s infrastructure and technology.’

As a result of this positive ecosystem development, DOT gained 11.44% in the first week of December. On November 29, DOT sold for $5.29, and a week later, DOT sold for $5.95. According to analysts, Polkadot investors are happy with the Foundation’s recent move, and DOT will likely hit $7.05 in Q1 2024.

$ROE Plans to Deliver a Massive 167% Surge to the Fastest Fingers as Second Presale Stage Ends

New crypto projects with high potential are the golden tickets to crypto fortune. With this knowledge, savvy investors poured $1.8 million into BorroeFinance ($ROE) in the last few months of the year.

BorroeFinance is an AI-powered funding marketplace built to allow web3 businesses to raise instant cash by minting their future digital earnings into trending NFTs and selling them at discounted prices to supportive communities.

Currently, $ROE’s third presale stage is going strong, and smart investors are accumulating $ROE while it is at $0.0175. After all presale stages conclude, $ROE will list on major crypto exchanges and sell for $0.040. Analysts say $ROE this price movement will deliver a massive 167% ROI to early $ROE investors in 2024.


Swell Partnership Triggers LINK Surge

On December 2, Swell Network announced an upgrade to Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol. According to Chainlink, this integration will ‘help power highly secure cross-chain token transfers for its liquid staking process.

Additionally, Chainlink said the CCIP will be integrated on Arbitrum and Ethereum, ensuring the reliable, scalable, and secure transfer of its liquid staking token swETH. As a result of this collaboration and other ecosystem developments, such as the Chainlink v.02 staking upgrade, LINK gained 6.44% in the first week of December.

LINK traded for $14.94 on December 1. Five days later, LINK surged and sold for $15.84. According to analysts, LINK will likely remain bullish till the end of the year due to Chainlink’s recent ecosystem expansion and partnerships. Therefore, experts predict LINK will trade for $16.50 by the end of the year.

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