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As Terra Classic (LUNC) Rises Rapidly, a New Presale Ignites Unprecedented Investor Excitement


  • The Terra Classic (LUNC) community is celebrating a new Perpetual Futures contract on BitMEX
  • LUNC has already risen sharply since November.
  • VC Spectra (SPCT) entices crypto hedge fund investors with various rewards and investment approaches.

Terra Classic (LUNC) could capitalize on the current market bullishness following its new Perpetual futures contracts on BitMEX. Analysts are confident the partnership could spur trading activity for Terra Classic.

Another project with strong market projections is VC Spectra – an AI-based investment platform whose presale has recorded a sharp $862.5% growth. The project aims to help investors profit from new blockchain investments. Yet, can SPCT become one of the top DeFi projects of 2023? Let’s discuss.


Terra Classic Maintains Bullish November Rise

Terra Classic has become one of the most popular crypto projects in the past few weeks, leading to a sharp increase in its trading activity. Like most top altcoins, Terra Classic’s investor sentiment had jumped following the rising bullishness in the crypto market. Following calls for spot crypto ETF legalization, investors have increased their trading position on several cryptocurrencies, including Terra Classic.

As expected, this led to a sharp LUNC rise since the end of November. LUNC was trading at $0.0000648 on November 1. As its investor sentiment rose, LUNC jumped by 20% to $0.0000778 on November 25. By December 5, LUNC had jumped by 178.9% to $0.000217.

Spot crypto ETFs could become a game changer for the crypto market, as indicated in the sharp bullish rise triggered by its rumors. Some analysts expect Terra Classic (LUNC) to capitalize on current market bullishness thanks to a new Perpetual Futures contract on BitMex.

They say this could significantly boost Terra Classic’s trading activity and help increase its current demand. This could push LUNC up by 41.4% to $0.000307 by early 2024.

VC Spectra: Broadening Access to Crypto Market Investments

VC Spectra is a blockchain-based investment platform dedicated to finding the best investment opportunities within the crypto market. The project recognizes the high growth potential of the digital asset industry and is opening up those opportunities to interested investors. VC Spectra (SPCT) has several hedge funds dedicated to investing in different sectors of the crypto industry.

The project recognizes the difficulty several investors face when navigating the world of crypto investments. Furthermore, it recognizes the high volatility that scares several investors away from the crypto industry. VC Spectra (SPCT) leverages the experience of skilled venture capitalists and blockchain technology to find profitable opportunities for its community members.

VC Spectra also offers high rewards to community members. It pays out attractive dividends and buybacks to community members. Furthermore, it commts 40% of its profit into rewarding investors. Community members also get access to new and emerging investment opportunities. This includes ICOs and presale projects. Furthermore, VC Spectra (SPCT) also comes with multiple trading strategies, contributing to a superior investment experience for its users.

At the start of VC Spectra’s blockchain ICO, analysts had high expectations. Its  Stage 1 price was set at $0.008. SPCT was expected to grow 900% to $0.08 by the end of its preale.

Yet, SPCT is only in Stage 5 of its presale, selling at $0.077 after rising by 862.5% from its initial price. Due to the high demand for SPCT tokens, analysts expect it to keep surpassing its initial forecasts. Furthermore, its exchange listings will commence once SPCT rises to $0.08.

Learn more about the VC Spectra presale here:





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