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Astounding burn could boost price upon launch, surpassing Shiba Inu (SHIB) And Dogecoin (DOGE)

Calling all doggy-coin hoarders: a new token set to launch on Ethereum Network may leave your meme-coins in the dog house. Introducing Uniglo, featuring intense burn mechanics, a multi-asset backed treasure Vault, and a DAO-governed democratic decision-making system. So is it time for you to trade in the pups? Mass Token Burn

Uniglo has some highly attractive burn tokenomics, attracting a wide variety of traders. Each time GLO is bought and sold, 2% will be sent into the abyss, significantly increasing its scarcity (and driving up profits in line with accelerated adoption). Uniglo is socially-driven with DAO governance, meaning all decisions about what to purchase, HODL, sell, redistribute, and any other key directives will be put to the crowd. The first major vote was whether or not to burn, which the community chose overwhelmingly in favor of proceeding with burning on launch. Members must also choose what to hold in the Uniglo Vault. As the Vault holds both digital and tangible assets, the array of options for investment opportunities is as wide as one can imagine. Typically, high-ticket luxury investment pieces are far out of reach for your average buyer, meaning Uniglo allows everyone to own a slice of otherwise inaccessible treasures.


Shiba Inu is the instantly-recognizable cute doggy token featuring a pup of the same breed name. SHIB was initially launched in August 2020 by an anonymous developer named Ryoshi, and dubbed it the ‘Doge-killer’ in reference to its rival doggy-themed meme-coin. SHIB benefitted from a mass burning during the pandemic when a key stakeholder burned 40% of the available coins, but it has since suffered an infuriatingly slow burn rate.


Dogecoin is the first meme-dog coin, created as a joke in 2013. The internet loves an underdog, and DOGE found itself unexpectedly with a large online fanbase with plenty of financial support. One of its main proponents is the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, who massaged the price with periodic tweets supporting the project. Dogecoin is inflationary, with 5 billion new coins being minted and entering the market each year.


Every dog has his day, and potentially that applies to SHIB and DOGE, two fun puppy projects that have been struggling of late against the realities of the harsh bear market. It may be time to trade your canine coins for GLO, a token with plenty of real-world application and aggressive burning plans. Buy now to take advantage of presale prices.

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