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Automatic Emergency Braking Glitch Affects Over 35,000 Mazda Cars in the US

New types of electronics tend to make their way to numerous car models. In the case of the latest Mazda3 generation of vehicles, not all forms of technology come without flaws.

Mazda is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. 

Software Glitches Cause Problems for Mazda

To remain competitive, the company has to keep tabs on new and emerging trends.

The company’s Smart Braking System is currently causing some big problems.

More specifically, it causes problems for the latest generations of the Mazda3 vehicles.

The native software can falsely detect objects in the path of the car and apply the brakes as a result.

This is not an ideal situation, as braking at the wrong time can have major consequences for the driver and passengers.

It appears this glitch affects just over 35,000 different Mazda units across the United States.

Thankfully, no injuries or deaths have been reported due to this bug. 

A quick workaround is not available, as disabling the feature is not a permanent solution.

Solving this glitch should not pose problems, for the most part.

In virtually all cases, a system update or factory reset can help prevent this from happening. 

Some Mazda cars, however, will need to have their instrument cluster replaced altogether.

With automatic emergency braking becoming  a standard in modern cars, this glitch needs to be addressed quickly. 


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