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Avalanche (AVAX) and Luna Classic (LUNC) Biggest Holders Load Up On Pullix (PLX)

Avalanche (AVAX) has also showcased a rapid upswing with its value, which can result in even further gains during the upcoming trading sessions as the overall market turns in a bullish direction. In the meantime, Luna Classic (LUNC) is also green on the charts. Despite this performance, many holders are loading up on the Pullix (PLX) crypto, as it has the potential to provide them with the highest returns. Today, we will jump into all three to determine which is one of the best cryptos to buy now.

Avalanche (AVAX) climbed 74% YTD – price to reach $51

Avalanche (AVAX) is bullish on the charts and could soon see a major price upswing fueled by the increased interest in the project. During the past week, the  Avalanche price increased by 20%, and its YTD upswing was by 74%, showcasing increased momentum.

The Avalanche crypto now needs to move up from its $36 support in order to reach new heights. Analysts are bullish on its future, however, as its historical performance has showcased reliable upswings. It’s above the 50-day EMA, and the MACD showcases an upward trajectory, which is a possibility. According to the Avalanche price prediction, it can end 2024 at $51.

Luna Classic (LUNC) Dips by 32% – Is a Recovery Possible?

Luna Classic (LUNC) has showcased a risk of a price decrease based on its latest on-chart performance.  The cryptocurrency is down 32% in the past month, but the Luna Classic price managed to kick back up in value by 11% in the past week.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency has experienced a 78% FIB level, which is a reflection of the weakening of buyer conviction in this asset., The industry’s trading volume for the Luna Classic crypto is at $35.8 million as well, resulting in a loss. As a result, the future of crypto is currently mixed, and its price can go in either direction. According to the Luna Classic price prediction, it can end in 2024 at a value of $0.000165.

Pullix (PLX) to Implement a Hybrid Approach in TradFi – Price to Soar in 2024

Pullix (PLX) is getting traction with its ongoing presale and can reach new heights. This innovative trading platform is attempting to bridge the gap between CEXs and DEXs where it can give users access to a unique amalgamation of both types of exchanges.

The platform will tackle key challenges in the industry, and it will create an innovative platform where anyone can access the TradFi space with ease. It will introduce advanced trading tools that enrich user profitability and order execution. Anyone can begin margin trading, get access to institutional tools, and copy the most successful traders.

The project has sold over 80 million tokens during its presale so far, currently the PLX token is priced at $0.10 as it reached Stage 7 of the presale, and while early investors gained 150% in ROI, new investors can profit even further as a price upswing of 100x is expected. Nearly $5 million have been raised, making PLX one of the best cryptos to buy now.


Avalanche and Luna Classic are both volatile and as a result, its biggest holders have turned towards the Pullix DeFi project. With its unique blend of features and massive token utility, it can dominate the charts in 2024 and beyond.

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