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AVAX and ENA Prices Slump As Fear and Greed Index Drops, Raboo Turbocharges Despite Market Sentiment

The Fear & Greed Index compiles seven different indicators that measure market momentum, stock price strength, stock price breadth, put and call options, junk bond demand, market volatility, and safe haven demand.

The metric ranges 0-100 from extreme fear to extreme greed. For Avalanche (AVAX) and Ethena (ENA), the index has been dropping for a while now.

But the other side of the crypto market is much greener for newcomer token Raboo, wielding a presale record of almost $2M that gets investors rushing in.

Let’s look at both sides and why Raboo is racking up these numbers. 

AVAX hovers below fear and neutral as ENA halts bullish momentum 

In the past week, Avalanche had mostly oscillated around the Greed metric, demonstrating a positive market outlook toward its token performance. However, in the last few days, AVAX has broken through the Greed Metric and continues to hover around the Neutral and Fear margins, illustrating a negative market sentiment for the coin.

AVAX has been down in price by 3.08% in the past week and 33.19% in the last month. Some experts pin its decline to the ongoing sell-off in the crypto market and AVAX price correction which ended up bearish as against the expected bullish outcome.

On the other hand, although ENA traded between $0.580 and $0.975 in the past month, market volatility soon swallowed up the little bull momentum, leaving the aftertaste of a lasting market sentiment.

From reaching its all-time high of $1.52 in April to taking a deep plunge, Ethana continues to plunge deeper into bearish depths. ENA price is on a 3.27% weekly downtrend and a 38.89% monthly loss.

However, consequent to the poor market performance, AVAX and ENA investors seem to have had enough and now queue to join Raboo’s presale train for high profits. 

Raboo presale on a turbo charge despite market sentiment 

Raboo prepares for its grand entrance into the crypto market, and investors troop to its presale, having recently turbocharged from a few thousand dollars to almost $2M. As market sentiments plunge token prices across the crypto market, Raboo has a different story to tell, and here it is.

When meme coins took the crypto market by storm in 2021, many at that time tipped meme coins to become the game-changer for the crypto industry, especially as memes slowly became a cherished social media staple. But today, meme coins are far away from these projections. With social media replete with tacky memes and meme coins causing massive portfolio plunges, the meme coin sector needs a paradigm shift.

Raboo combines the creative powers of its fast-growing community with the ingenuity of generative AI to create memes, distribute rewards and generate high profits for its users.

Rabooscan, the generative AI, searches social media for meme-worthy content posted by members using the Raboo post-to-earn feature, and picks the best quality content. It then generates memes from this content, and the members get a token reward for each content that Rabooscan uses to generate memes.

With this novel initiative, Raboo will amass a huge usership, and the huge demand that follows would scale the value of the $RABT token. Meanwhile, you can also make short-term profits by hopping on the presale where there is a 233% ROI on the table.


For Raboo, the goal is simple: clean up the social media with quality memes, generate wealth for members via high-reward tokenomics and rev up investors’ portfolios with high profits.

The mission is gradually shaping up as it’s sold almost $2M worth of $RABT and is generating massive momentum on social media for its unique offerings. 

The presale is currently at Stage four, and each $RABT token is selling at $0.0048. 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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