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BDAG Hits CoinMarketCap, Outshines Litecoin & Aptos

BlockDAG Scores $26M Presale, Hits CoinMarketCap, and Rocks Piccadilly Circus—Beating Litecoin and Aptos in Style!

As the Litecoin payment system retains its lead in global cryptocurrency transactions, capturing over 41% market share, the price of Aptos (APT) struggles with market downturns and reduced investor interest. Against this backdrop, BlockDAG edges out, marking its CoinMarketCap listing with a spectacular event at Piccadilly Circus and achieving a significant $26 million in presales, backed by innovative payment solutions and a potential 30,000x ROI. 

Litecoin Maintains Lead in Cryptocurrency Payments

Dominating the digital currency payments landscape, Litecoin has led the sector for the past four months, accounting for more than 41% of global crypto transactions as reported by BitPay. This continued dominance highlights its practical use in transactions beyond mere speculative trading. 


Despite a comparatively lower market valuation, the efficiency of the Litecoin payment system is unmatched, and analysts from Sentiment suggest it might be undervalued, pointing out its favourable Network Value-to-Transaction ratio. This not only positions Litecoin as a solid digital payment method but also as a potentially underrated asset within the crypto market.

Aptos Encounters Market Challenges with Price Declines

Aptos faces a tough market environment, with its price dropping from a high of $19.48 to a critical support level of $8.00. This downturn reflects a broader sentiment of caution in the market, highlighted by a 16.97% reduction in trading volume and a high supply inflation rate of 125.47%, adding to concerns about its price stability. Current market indicators, like bearish RSI levels and positions below key EMAs, signal possible further declines for Aptos, although resistance might be encountered at the $14.2 and $18.0 price levels if it stabilizes.

BlockDAG Dominates at Piccadilly Circus, Establishing Market Presence

In a stunning display of market strength, BlockDAG celebrated its latest milestone at Piccadilly Circus, showcasing its market potential and overshadowing competitors like Litecoin and Aptos. This event highlighted BlockDAG’s rise in the crypto world, coinciding with its crypto presale success which saw the coin price reach $0.0075 in its 12th batch, pushing total earnings over $26 million. The event not only promoted BlockDAG’s innovative features but also underscored its emerging role as a major player in the cryptocurrency landscape. 

To accommodate increasing demand and enhance transaction ease, BlockDAG has expanded its payment options to include ten new methods, such as BTC and USDT (Tron Network), making it easier for investors to buy into BlockDAG’s promising future. This strategic expansion into new payment options aligns with BlockDAG’s goal to facilitate accessible investment opportunities, reflecting its commitment to providing value to its investors.

Bottom Line

As Litecoin remains a leader in global cryptocurrency transactions and Aptos contends with fluctuating market dynamics, BlockDAG distinguishes itself as a leading force in the cryptocurrency realm. Its impressive $26 million presale and a high-profile promotional event at Piccadilly Circus highlight its substantial growth and the rollout of diverse payment methods, improving access for investors. These deliberate strategies elevate BlockDAG as a prime new crypto investment, offering potential returns of up to 30,000X ROI and affirming its solid market position and dependability.

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