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BDAG Outshines MATIC & TRON: Poised for $10 by 2025

BlockDAG Tops MATIC and TRON with $10 Forecast; Captures $38.3M in Presale – A Top Crypto to Watch

BlockDAG’s presale has seen tremendous sell-out rates, propelled by its bullish forecast of hitting $10 by 2025 and its steady stream of development updates. These positive projections have enticed investors, making its current presale offering irresistibly attractive. While MATIC witnesses a significant upswing and TRON faces a downturn in price, BlockDAG’s robust development and bold goals have distinguished it, achieving a standout $38.3M in presale revenue in the dynamic market landscape.

Polygon (MATIC) Price: Uncertain Terrain for Investors

Polygon (MATIC) is drawing interest as it enhances Ethereum’s scalability and boosts its DeFi ecosystem. Despite its price uptick, 82% of MATIC holders find themselves “out of the money,” and the heavy concentration of major holders poses substantial risks for smaller investors. With the potential introduction of Ethereum ETFs, MATIC could see further uplift, though investors are urged to proceed with caution given the likely volatility.

TRON Price Trends Downward, Suggesting a Bearish Outlook

TRON (TRX) has dipped into a bearish trend as its price falls below crucial moving average indicators. After failing to surpass its previous high, TRX’s upward momentum has faded, pushing it towards key support levels. The decline is consistent, with possible buy zones emerging if it hits significant lows. Technical indicators predict a short-term downtrend and longer-term lateral movements, casting doubts on its market direction.

BlockDAG’s $10 Price Prediction by 2025 Drives Presale Momentum

BlockDAG has garnered immense investor interest thanks to its ambitious prediction of a $10 valuation by 2025. Currently offered at a lower presale price, BlockDAG presents a prime investment opportunity. This forecast has spurred fast sell-outs in presale batches, as investors eagerly secure their stakes anticipating substantial returns.

The latest Batch 16 has priced the coin at $0.0095, with 10.3 billion coins sold, amassing $38.3 million—an impressive 850% surge since the first batch. Additionally, BlockDAG has realized $2.95 million from the sale of 6,725 miners. These figures underscore the strong market demand and confidence in BlockDAG’s future.

Significant to this bullish trend is the ongoing series of Dev Releases, with the 41st release significantly impacting scalability and decentralization challenges. Notably, it included enhancements to BlockDAGScan and the X1 Miner App, reaffirming the project’s dedication to innovation and improving the user experience.

These regular updates reflect continuous development and adherence to BlockDAG’s strategic roadmap, bolstering investor confidence. The synergy of assertive price forecasts and consistent development releases has created a reinforcing cycle, where rising investor confidence boosts presale demand, enhancing BlockDAG’s market standing and prospective valuation.


BlockDAG’s impressive presale achievements, spurred by a promising $10 price prediction by 2025 and continual developments, starkly contrast with the volatility observed in MATIC and TRON’s prices. BlockDAG’s persistent advancements and credible future projections have positioned it as an outstanding investment choice, securing investor trust and enthusiasm in a fluctuating crypto environment.

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