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BDAG Skyrockets, Outshining GameStop and TON Movements

BlockDAG Surges 1000% and Toncoin Climbs 237%, While GameStop Rises 70%: Reasons Behind the Recent Crypto Market Rally

With the Toncoin and Gamestop having their turbulence, BlockDAG has firmly placed itself at the forefront of the crypto scene, achieving a spectacular 1000% increase in price. 

While GameStop’s meme-coin surged 250% thanks to the famed “Roaring Kitty,” and Toncoin saw a 237% uptick in whale activity, BlockDAG has outshone them with its strategic global displays from Shibuya Crossing to Piccadilly and an unprecedented keynote from the moon, raising $46.8 million in its latest presale batch.

GameStop’s Surprising Climb: Up 70%

GameStop’s stock has soared by 70% in pre-market trading, spurred by Keith Gill’s (Roaring Kitty) tantalizing social media tease with a UNO reverse card. This move has rekindled interest in GameStop, driving its meme coin up by 250%, with no direct ties to the actual company. The stock now flirts with reaching new heights, supported by bullish indicators like the RSI and MACD, suggesting a strong upward trajectory as it eyes surpassing previous records.

Toncoin Sees Whale-Sized Movements: Up 237%

Toncoin has captured the crypto community’s attention with a 237% surge in whale transaction activity, indicating big players are realigning their stakes possibly in anticipation of major market movements. This heightened activity serves as a barometer for potential price fluctuations, with the community watching closely to gauge whether these will spell boon or bane for the coin’s value.

BlockDAG’s Show-Stopping Keynote and Global Displays Ignite Market Buzz

BlockDAG has rapidly ascended as a major player in the crypto market, thanks to its innovative technology and clever marketing tactics. Its presence was magnified by eye-catching displays at iconic global locations like Shibuya Crossing, The Sphere in Las Vegas, and Piccadilly Circus, coupled with a groundbreaking moon-themed keynote.

The Shibuya event spotlighted BlockDAG’s integration with major DeFi exchanges and introduced its mining technology and crypto payment solutions. Las Vegas celebrated the presale’s success and the unveiling of the technical whitepaper V2 with a vivid display on The Sphere, demonstrating BlockDAG’s marketing finesse.


The festivities continued in London’s Piccadilly Circus, aligning with BlockDAG’s CoinMarketCap listing announcement. The spectacle there highlighted the triumph of its ongoing presale, setting the stage for the upcoming mainnet launch. The keynote, broadcasted from the moon, shared exciting updates and future plans, marking a first in crypto presentations. 

These global efforts have significantly driven up interest, with Batch 17 of the presale now priced at $0.011, showcasing a dramatic 1000% rise from the initial batch. So far, BlockDAG has raised $46.8 million by selling over 10.8 billion BDAG coins, with sights set on a $0.05 price target by the mainnet launch. BlockDAG’s strategic moves and ambitious roadmap underscore its strong potential for growth. 

Final Thoughts

BlockDAG’s strategic maneuvers have not only fueled a 1000% surge in its price but also solidified its position in the market. With GameStop and Toncoin also making waves, BlockDAG stands out with its successful presale, now in Batch 17 at $0.011 and $46.8 million raised. For investors looking for substantial returns, BlockDAG offers an enticing opportunity. Use the crypto profitability calculator to estimate potential earnings and strategize your investment approach effectively.

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