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BDAG with High TPS, Amid Bitcoin Cash Halving and AXL’s Positive 

BlockDAG Leads Crypto Innovation with $13.3M Presale and High-Speed Transactions, Amid Bitcoin Cash Halving and AXL’s Market Growth

As the cryptocurrency community anticipates the halving of Bitcoin Cash, speculation abounds regarding its potential impact on the market and its position among leading cryptocurrencies. Amid these discussions, BlockDAG emerges as a beacon of innovation and potential, with its presale surpassing $13.3 million, driven by a promising 20,000x ROI and an exceptional transaction capacity of 10K-15K TPS. This development places BlockDAG in the limelight, even as AXL showcases a promising bullish trend.

Exploring Bitcoin Cash’s Upcoming Halving Event

The imminent halving event for Bitcoin Cash, set to occur on Tuesday when block height hits 840,000, will see miner rewards cut from 6.25 BCH to 3.12 BCH. This pivotal moment happens every four years and is anticipated to heighten mining difficulty and the hash rate, which stands impressively at 4.50 EH/s.

Bitcoin Cash’s market dynamics often shadow Bitcoin, yet it grapples with being pegged as a “zombie coin” due to its limited active use. Its recent price action shows vigor, yet a bearish shooting star pattern hints at a potential retraction to the $526 level, signaling caution ahead.

AXL Token’s Current Market Sentiment

AXL token’s market analysis reveals a standstill, with its value wavering around the 20-day EMA, marked at $2. The bulls have been resilient, maintaining the token’s value above this pivotal trend line, currently at $2.06.

A descent below the 20-day EMA might propel the token towards the ascending trend line, a crucial juncture for buyers to uphold to avert a bearish momentum. Surpassing the $2.2 mark could pivot AXL towards an upward trajectory, targeting the $2.6 resistance. The RSI, hovering around the midpoint, indicates an equilibrium between buying and selling forces.

BlockDAG Sets New Standards in Crypto Efficiency and Presale Achievement

BlockDAG distinguishes itself with its unparalleled transaction speed of 10K-15K TPS, eclipsing traditional blockchains in efficiency and scalability. This capability signifies a well-optimized network ready to facilitate many transactions seamlessly.

The BlockDAG Network Ecosystem has unveiled Explorer, a comprehensive tool designed to provide users with a deep dive into the BlockDAG Network’s operations. This platform functions as a dynamic data search engine, offering insights into transactions, wallet addresses, contracts, and network nodes, fostering greater transparency and user interaction.

The momentum behind BlockDAG’s presale is undeniable, with over 6.5 billion coins distributed and more than $13.3 million raised. Currently in its 7th presale batch, priced at $0.004 per coin, BlockDAG continues to attract investors’ attention. The launch of its latest technical whitepaper and a grand showcase on the Las Vegas Sphere underscores BlockDAG’s prominence and innovation in the blockchain domain.

Prime Investment Opportunity

In the current crypto scenario, where Bitcoin Cash’s halving and AXL’s market behavior present unique opportunities, BlockDAG stands out with its forward-thinking technology and substantial presale success. Boasting a high transaction throughput and a robust presale attracting significant investment, BlockDAG presents an enticing prospect for those seeking to expand their crypto portfolio with a visionary and high-potential asset. With its state-of-the-art features and dynamic network, BlockDAG is poised for remarkable growth, marking a pivotal shift in the blockchain ecosystem.

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