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Best Altcoins With Reversal Patterns: MATIC, DOGE, and DTX

The crypto market took a significant blow last week after the U.S. job report came out, triggering notable outflows of capital. Many altcoins slumped to low price levels with high volatility. With the growing market optimism, many coins push limits and display a recovery sentiment with slight upward momentum. 

In this article, we’ll explore the potential of Dogecoin (DOGE), DTX Exchange (DTX), and Polygon (MATIC) for June. 

DTX Exchange Ground-Breaking Presale Ready to Cross $1 Million 

DTX Exchange (DTX) is among the top emerging projects in 2024, set to make new records and transform the tradFi sector. After raising a mind-blowing $690,000 in round 2 of the public presale, the hybrid platform is eyeing the major milestone of $1 million as global investors are turning their capital funnels toward DTX. 

The project brings fresh perspectives to trading sector with its hybrid model and innovative trading strategies. DTX Exchange offers an opportunity to trade across various financial fields including cryptos, forex, CFDs, and equities. With advanced security features and blockchain layer 1 technology, the platform is poised to become the next deFi leader. 

With the surging demand, DTX token will surge to $0.06 in the next round. With its ground-breaking features, analysts anticipate a price boom to $1 once the presale concludes, likely in Q2 of 2024. Investors are flocking to flare up the presale of DTX Exchange, promising 100x ROI potentia.   

Polygon Eyes $1 After Defeating Legacy Projects in Key Metrics

Polygon is creating buzz within the deFi space by rebranding its economic framework with the Polygon 2.0 update. On June 11, the network announced a Community Grants Program to release 1 billion POL tokens, aiming to replace MATIC as the native currency by 2030. 35 million POL tokens worth $23 million are available for distribution in the first phase. 

Moreover, Polygon has blown past legacy projects in key metrics. The network has outperformed Solana with a 28% surge in NFT transactions, emerging as the second-leading blockchain in the NFT sector. Moreover, Polygon has defeated Ethereum regarding gas usage and monthly active users, gaining high investor traffic. 

With such crucial developments, MATIC can regain its lost momentum as capital inflows are rising. MATIC price recovered from $0.60 to $0.63 today, along with a stable transactional volume. Analysts are optimistic about the trajectory of Polygon, predicting a bull run to $1 in the upcoming altcoin rally.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Set to Flare Up Amid High Whale Accumulation 

Dogecoin’s downfall started well before the market faced capital outflows due to the U.S. job report. Amid fading meme frenzy, DOGE took a major blow after falling from $0.165 to $0.140 due to high liquidation and profit bookings. Dogecoin is down by 13% on the weekly chart, standing at the previous entry point before the memecoin rally.

The current price point of $0.14 is a strong support level, potentially triggering a bounce back for Dogecoin. This is evident by the ongoing whale accumulation of about 326 million DOGE tokens worth $47.22 million from Robinhood. Charts also indicate a bullish potential for DOGE, potentially reaching price high of the last cycle if bulls gain hold.


The recent price pullback for Dogecoin and Polygon offers a lucrative opportunity to invest in them at low entry points as the market can burst anytime in the next few days. For those who missed out on the last bull run, DTX Exchange offers them a 100x potential to capitalize as the presale pace is finding no bounds, aiming to blow past $1 in this cycle. 

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