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Best Performing ICO In November: with Projected $0.89 Price Ahead of Shiba Inu, IMPT or Tamadoge

Recent analysis shows that specific crypto projects are gearing up for a strong month. While the market has suffered significant losses recently, not every crypto is down. And many of them are preparing for growth periods that will bring substantial confidence back to the crypto space. Investing more money during a downturn might seem counter-intuitive, but that’s what many are deciding to do as they see a bull run coming in soon.

With tokens like GLO, SHIB, IMPT, and TAMA, you could be setting your portfolio up for the best chance of success over the next month and beyond. They’ve each got interesting features that make them unique in the crypto world, and now might be the perfect time to buy them. Here’s why:

Uniglo (GLO)

Experts predict a price of $0.89 over the coming months. Whether it achieves this or not, it still has the potential to make investors a ton of money as it’s currently available at a discount during pre-sale for a few weeks longer. Now’s the perfect time to buy it. It’s got strong deflationary credentials thanks to an entire asset-backed store of value and a radical dual-burn mechanism. It’s primed for stable growth while being protected against significant negative market volatility. It also rewards its holders and listens to them thanks to a community-driven approach. Investing now could prepare you for substantial gains, so consider it seriously.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

SHIB might be down from previous all-time highs. Still, experts think it can fire back up the charts over the coming month’s thanks to increased fundamentals, new earning protocols, increased burns, and a solid social media fanbase. If it returns to all-time highs, it could make those who invest now a fortune.


IMPT is putting the environment at the heart of everything it does. This incredibly eco-friendly crypto could therefore capitalize on society’s growing concern about the impact of tech on the planet, and after many have criticized the likes of BTC for how resource-heavy mining is. While a few other crypto platforms have environmentally-sound credentials, IMPT is taking them a step further and could be primed for solid growth.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

With a uniquely fun crypto project, TAMA could be the next big meme coin to hit the big time, thanks to its incredibly arty NFTs and innovative play-to-earn mechanism. It’s one crypto project that could hit the mainstream, and that’s why it’s a solid pick for your portfolio over the next month or so. Now might be the time to check it out.


Each of TAMA, IMPT, GLO, and SHIB has the chance to bring massive gains to your portfolio over the next month or so. That’s why they’re all recommended for your portfolio. Especially GLO, which could be the best new token ever to enter the space.

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