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Binance shows signs of recovery as the BNB dip continues. QUBE and PAXG show bullish signs

Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently shown signs of recovery following the bombshell lawsuit filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in early June. The SEC alleged that Binance and its founder, Changpeng Zhao, violated securities laws by attracting U.S. customers to its unregulated international exchange and commingling investor funds.

However, a judge has urged both parties to find a compromise and end the legal battle. Despite the recovery in trading volumes, Binance’s native token, BNB, has experienced a dip of 12% during this period. Let’s explore alternative assets, namely QUBE and PAXG, that have shown bullish signs amidst the ongoing situation.

QUBE: Revolutionizing AI Crypto Crowdfunding

In the realm of AI crypto crowdfunding, InQubeta’s QUBE token stands out as a promising investment option. InQubeta offers a transformative value proposition with its fractionalized NFTs structure. By owning a fraction of an NFT, investors can participate in AI projects and potentially benefit from the value appreciation of AI-based assets. QUBE, the native token of InQubeta, has unique features that make it an attractive investment opportunity.

One of the notable aspects of QUBE is its deflationary nature. With a 5% sell tax, every sale of QUBE contributes to a rewards pool. This mechanism incentivizes holders to stake their assets and participate actively in the ecosystem. By staking QUBE, investors can benefit from the reward pool, adding additional value to their holdings. The deflationary mechanism and staking rewards make QUBE a compelling choice for good crypto to buy as part of long-term investment strategies.

InQubeta has also gained credibility through verification by top auditing firms such as Hacken and Block Audit. These verifications reassure investors about the platform’s security and reliability. Furthermore, InQubeta’s presale phase has already raised over $460,000, indicating a significant rush for the token. Investors can join the presale with a minimum investment of $50 and have the flexibility to choose from multiple payment options, including BTC, USDT, and BNB.

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PAXG: Bridging Crypto and Precious Metals

PAXG, a digital asset backed by physical gold, has also shown bullish signs amidst the recent developments. As investors seek stability and diversification, PAXG offers a unique proposition by combining the benefits of cryptocurrencies with the intrinsic value of gold. Each PAXG token represents one fine troy ounce of gold held in secure vaults.

The growing interest in PAXG can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, gold has historically been considered a safe-haven asset, providing protection against market volatility. By digitizing gold through PAXG, investors can enjoy the benefits of gold ownership while leveraging the convenience and security of blockchain technology.

Secondly, PAXG bridges the traditional financial world and the crypto space. It allows investors to diversify their portfolios beyond purely digital assets and gain exposure to the stability and long-term value associated with gold.

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QUBE and PAXG are two of the top crypto coins to buy at the moment. InQubeta’s QUBE, with its transformative AI crypto crowdfunding model, offers investors the opportunity to participate in AI projects through fractionalized NFTs and benefit from the deflationary nature and staking rewards. PAXG, on the other hand, bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and precious metals, providing a stable and reliable investment option. 

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