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Bitcoin Analyst Benjamin Cowen Cautions on Possible Correction; InQubeta Presale Gains Attention Among Investors

2024 is a game-changing year for crypto, with Solana rising, Kinetic Holdings doing big transactions, and new player InQubeta grabbing the attention of investors in their presale stage. There’s a lot to cover and to look forward to here.

Benjamin Cowen Pops the Bubble

The popular crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen has just stated that Bitcoin is very likely to undergo a significant correction soon, based on its past price movements. The analyst considers a pullback of over 30% to be on the table for BTC. Many are worried as there have been spikes and dips in BTC, so many are seeing that this could actually be possible.

Experienced crypto analyst Cowen, in his latest strategy session, pointed out to his subscribers that he is closely monitoring Bitcoin’s 100-week simple moving average (SMA). According to Cowen, whenever Bitcoin has risen above the 100-week SMA, it has tended to retest this average before continuing upwards.

Cowen also emphasised that the actions of the Federal Reserve (Fed) will be decisive in determining whether Bitcoin’s price will find support above the 100-week SMA, saying:

“Historically, at this point in the cycle, and actually in later stages of the cycle, we have retested the 100-week moving average. This is something we acknowledge as appearing at a stage in the cycle. There was no harsh landing in 2016. You could argue it was a soft landing. We experienced a recession fear that many thought would happen, but it didn’t.”

InQubeta Is Redefining What AI Could Be


InQubeta (QUBE) is revolutionising the crypto world with its unique approach to investment. Unlike traditional methods, InQubeta empowers investors to participate in the world of AI startups through fractional investments using QUBE tokens.


So, when considering what crypto to buy today for long-term gains, InQubeta’s QUBE token should be at the top of your list. It’s not just a cryptocurrency; it’s a gateway to the future of AI investment, NFT invention, and community-driven governance.


Deflationary QUBE Token: QUBE is a deflationary ERC20 token designed to increase in value over time. A 2% tax on transactions goes to a burn wallet, reducing the token’s supply, while a 5% sell tax contributes to a dedicated reward pool, encouraging token holders to stake their QUBE.


Transparent and Secure: Built on the Ethereum blockchain, InQubeta ensures transparency and security through smart contracts. The platform’s commitment to becoming multichain in 2024 further expands its accessibility.

InQubeta’s commitment to transparency and security through its Ethereum-based smart contracts also positions it as a top crypto to buy for long-term growth. As a governance token, QUBE gives you a voice in the platform’s development, ensuring it stays on the cutting edge of the cryptocurrency world. With its unique features and commitment to transparency and security, QUBE is not only one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now but also a pioneering force in the crypto space.


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While experts believe that 2024 will be the game changer for Bitcoin, Benjamin Coven is saying it could repeat the trend of 2019, meaning there will be waves in prices. However, we cannot predict much at the start of 2024 because many changes are going to happen this year. For example, the new AI startup InQubeta getting investors’ attention could be very bullish for the whole AI market.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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