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Bitcoin (BTC) Climbs Over $37K, Monero (XMR) & InQubeta (QUBE) Gain Whale Attention

Bitcoin has set the crypto stage on fire with its recent price action that has taken it past the $38k mark, a level not seen since May 2022. Anticipation regarding the possible approval of a spot bitcoin ETF is the primary reason behind this surge, and it would be interesting to see how far this goes. Amid these speculations, whales continue to fish for top altcoins with high growth potential. InQubeta (QUBE), a new ICO, has grabbed their attention with a top-notch presale performance, while Monero (XMR) finds a sweet spot as a privacy coin.

InQubeta (QUBE): A New ICO on Whales’ Radar

Nestled in the bustling heart of the tech world, a group of visionaries and developers gathered to solve a pressing issue in the AI industry – the challenge of accessible investment. Thus, InQubeta was born, a platform that heralds a new era in AI startup investments.

The innovative spirit of InQubeta lies in its unique approach to democratizing investments. Utilizing QUBE tokens, the platform offers fractional ownership in AI startups through trending NFTs. Each NFT embodies either equity or rewards in these startups, making it easier for everyday investors to participate in the growing AI industry.

The QUBE token is much more than a good crypto to buy – it’s a key to unlock the potential of AI investments. This deflationary ERC20 coin is crafted to encourage long-term holding and community engagement, featuring a 2% tax for burning a portion of the supply and a 5% tax for a rewards pool. The governance aspect of QUBE further empowers investors, giving them a voice in InQubeta’s future trajectory.

Security is of paramount importance for InQubeta, and they made it a point by successfully completing the Hacken Audit. Whales are impressed with the ongoing presale round, where more than $5.3 million worth of tokens have been sold. The use cases of QUBE are only going to rise with InQubeta’s plan to introduce an NFT marketplace, DAO, and Swap by 2024. As an investor, you should watch out for this top ICO, which is already generating wealth for many.

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Bitcoin’s Rise Amidst Regulatory Expectations

Bitcoin soaring past the $37,000 mark has ignited a fire of enthusiasm among its devoted investors. These astute observers, with eyes keenly fixed on the price chart, are abuzz with the tantalizing potential of a Bitcoin ETF, a development poised to disrupt market dynamics. The price chart is painted green, and there’s every possibility for BTC to keep rising until the air clears on the ETF saga. The market may turn either way in both cases, and this anticipation is what makes crypto exciting and volatile.

Monero: Upholding the Banner of Privacy

Simultaneously, Monero continues to uphold its reputation as a pioneer of privacy in the cryptocurrency world. By making use of advanced technologies, it focuses on keeping every transaction anonymous, which is quite a necessity in this unregulated space. Monero’s growth is driven by a robust community of users and developers who value its commitment to privacy. XMR will be one of the altcoins to watch out for in the next bull run.


After a year of bankruptcy and regulatory attacks, 2023 has been more of a healing period for investors and enthusiasts alike. We still have dark clouds hovering around, but Bitcoin is setting its own trajectory to conclude the winter. Fresh innovations like InQubeta also continue to flourish in an industry that is always open to new ideas. Having said that, the next few months are certainly going to be interesting for the entire crypto community.

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