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Bitcoin (BTC) Could Emerge as a Treasury Reserve Asset; Experts Prefer Solana (SOL) and InQubeta (QUBE) for Investment

2023 saw Bitcoin (BTC) keeping calm even when other crypto assets were fizzling out. The cryptocurrency crossed $40,000 earlier this year and analysts suggest it might be headed for another bull rally. Its performance has also led many experts to believe that it can serve as a treasury reserve asset.

But if you are someone who’s looking for something different, there are many top crypto coins to choose from. Analysts’ current favourites include InQubeta (QUBE) and Solana (SOL) as these  two altcoins have been rising steadily.

Solana is a platform for building dApps that has a wide range of Web 3.0 solutions available. InQubeta is the more recent of the two and has been designed to help AI startups find investors. Given that its presale funding recently crossed $ 7.6 million, it’s not difficult to see why analysts are recommending InQubeta.

InQubeta: An AI-friendly crypto project

InQubeta does away with problems that startups usually face while raising funds. Its model helps them secure a consistent stream of funding to back AI-based projects. As a cryptocurrency, InQubeta helps both startups and their investors to gain as AI technology evolves.

InQubeta’s team has come up with a native token that is the official medium of exchange for the network. The QUBE token is powered by the ERC-20 standard and is also used for giving out staking rewards.

Its supply has an upper cap of 1.5 billion and 65% of it is meant to be sold to the public. The rest goes towards paying developers, and legal advisors and ensuring optimal liquidity levels.

The QUBE token has been witnessing rising popularity due to its deflationary model. The feature regulates the asset’s supply to prevent fluctuating prices when inflation is high. The token availability will be kept lower than the demand so that prices are stable when headline inflation is up. If the supply increases, excess tokens are burned to reduce it.

A deflationary character gives the QUBE token an edge over traditional finance solutions and makes it one of the best altcoins to buy now.

Another key application of the native token is in the governance structure. By holding the token, crypto users can have a say in important decisions about operational matters. If a protocol change is recommended for InQubeta, token holders get to have a say in whether it is required.

All such proposals are made to go through a voting process. QUBE token buyers get voting rights and they can participate in the process to express their opinion. The suggested changes will be implemented only after the community’s approval.

Solana’s market cap surges past $50 billion

Solana is a leading provider of Web 3.0 solutions for creating scalable and powerful dApps. The platform uses the proof-of-stake consensus protocol to keep its network secure and validate transactions.

Its native token is SOL and it’s among the best crypto investments the market has to offer right now. Counting high throughput and low gas fees are its USPs, and Solana’s solutions can power a range of use cases including GameFi and NFTs.

The platform achieved a new milestone after Solana’s global market capitalization crossed $50 billion on December 26, 2023. The development comes a day after Solana’s number of daily active addresses crossed 15.6 million on Christmas Day. The figure reflects a 50% jump in the number of unique wallets since November.

SEC sets deadline for making final changes to Bitcoin ETFs

For many people, Bitcoin is a good crypto to buy as it’s among the first crypto assets the world saw. Its long run in the market has enabled it to cement its position at the top. Its native token BTC is used for all transactional purposes, and the network is secured by the proof-of-work consensus algorithm.

Experts have predicted that Bitcoin’s rising popularity and ongoing reliability could enable it to emerge as a treasury reserve asset in the future. 

Bitcoin’s recent rally has been spurred by the recent interest in spot exchange-traded Funds (ETF). Multiple asset management companies have filed applications with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch Bitcoin ETFs. The regulatory body has set the 29th of December as the deadline for companies to make final changes to the ETF proposals. 


As the crypto market matures, people are looking for options that can help earn potentially huge returns over the long term. With their user-friendly models and growth potential, InQubeta, Solana, and Bitcoin fit the requirements easily.

These top crypto coins can cater to the needs of different use groups.  The three assets diversify a portfolio while protecting its current yield. They also sport a next-generation security framework that shields crypto users’ assets from malicious actors.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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