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Bitcoin ETF Hope Fading, BTC Fails to Break $30k While QUBE Defies Expectation as Presale Approaches $2 Million

InQubeta (QUBE) continues to exceed expectations as its presale closes down on the two-million-dollar mark. Over $1.9 million has been raised so far early on in the event as investors rush to buy up tokens of what many are already calling the most profitable altcoin to buy in 2023.

Hopes of a Bitcoin (BTC) ETF are starting to fade as prices couldn’t hold above the $30k mark after its most recent bull run. Investment giant Blackrock recently got its Bitcoin ETF denied by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), but the company plans to refile. Many cryptocurrency analysts believe a Bitcoin ETF would lead to an exponential increase in its prices.

The InQubeta project opens up investment opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) to global investors by tapping into the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), smart contracts, and blockchain technology. Its platform allows investors to skirt the barriers that often prevent them from using mainstream investing avenues like minimum investment amounts most people can’t afford.

InQubeta (QUBE) presale on course to meet all targets

The price changes that take place at each stage of the InQubeta presale put investors who get in early in place to grow their capital by 400%. Investors who jump into the action now still get to 3x the value of their holdings by the time the presale ends.

Investors get to earn substantial profits by simply participating in the presale, and the real fun starts after the event is over and tokens are launched on exchanges. Many cryptocurrency experts believe $QUBE tokens are seriously undervalued given the small token supply at 1.5 billion, burn taxes, and the solutions it provides by making investments more accessible while sending capital to AI startups.

$QUBE tokens are currently selling for less than a penny, but some projections have prices breaking the dollar mark by the end of the year once tokens are launched. That gives InQubeta more growth potential than even top coins like Bitcoin.

InQubeta’s link to artificial intelligence has also brought in many investors as attitudes have been extremely bullish toward the industry in the past several years with total investments going from $12 billion to $120 billion from 2015 to 2022. Investments in the AI sectors are anticipated to exceed $1.6 trillion in the next several years. A large portion of these funds will go through the InQubeta project as it provides the easiest investment opportunities to access.

Investing in AI through InQubeta

Investors can buy partial ownership of AI startups on the InQubeta marketplace by buying equity-based NFTs that are made by these companies. These tokens are the blockchain alternative to stocks and often provide additional incentives like early access to services developed. Smart contracts guarantee investors get all rewards promised.

Investors get full control over their NFTs once sales are finalized so they’re free to sell them whenever they choose or hold on to them long-term. Investors can also earn profits by staking $QUBE tokens to earn more periodically.

BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF denied while BTC prices decline

Bitcoin prices failed to hold over the $30k after its last bull run, leading to a sell-off as many investors took profits. BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF application was recently denied by the SEC, but the investing firm is expected to follow up with another application since the SEC detailed what needs to be done for approval.

Some cryptocurrency analysts believe Bitcoin has the potential to pass the $180k mark if an ETF is approved.


The InQubeta presale offers the most promising opportunity for profits in the cryptocurrency space right now, generating lots of interest as investors rush to 4x their capital during the presale. The future looks bright for the QUBE project as it helps to funnel over $1.5 trillion to AI startups in the next several years.

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