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Bitcoin Nears All-Time High as Raboo Presale Heats Up MemeCoin Market

In a  run similar to what we saw in March, Bitcoin (BTC) is back in the limelight as it approaches its record price value yet again. This price growth comes at the same time as the anticipation of the presale of the new meme coin, Raboo.

Up to $1.4M of investments have been raised so far during the presale of Raboo, indicating an increasing market interest. Learn more about this new promising crypto project and why it has the potential to soar high in the near future.

Bitcoin’s Rise: A Sign of Macroeconomic Forces at Play?

Bitcoin’s yield for the year so far stands at 50%, which shows investor expectations of further U.S. dollar inflation. According to CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin is hovering around $69,000 and has a crucial resistance area just above $68,000. An upside break through this level may take Bitcoin to its past record high of around $73,777. 

On the other hand, if the Bears manage to drive the price below two important moving averages, they might be in control of the price action, with possible buy levels at $59,600 and $104,552.

While Raboo becomes the spark in the meme coin market, Bitcoin remains in blistering form. Bitcoin recently breached $70,000, mostly due to increased spot demand and the buying of spot Bitcoin ETFs. This rally has got many people asking if this is the beginning of the new bull market.

Earning During The Presale: Raboo Rewards Participation

Raboo is a new unique project ready to rank high among meme coins in the present Bull Market. Raboo will be going against the trend by implementing the best artificial intelligence with meme coins. This promising crypto project will provide creators with a good opportunity to claim $RABT tokens by creating exciting posts that provide genuine uses for the meme coin model.

One advantage of Raboo is that its holders can get $RABT tokens before the official launch by creating memes and activities within the community. Raboo also increases participation by offering incentives through gifts and other items to the community’s users.

Another advantage is that Raboo wants to become the poster meme coin and supports meme-making fans. This project will use social-fi and modern AI technologies so that the token holders can engage in entertaining meme creation contests. These activities are fun and an additional chance to get more tokens and gifts.

Due to its social-fi approach, Raboo will engage users in active participation. Additionally, the holders of $RABT will participate in a system of competitions and gifts. These will be weekly, monthly, and quarterly, with the goal of creating more $RABT Token rewards.

The current roadmap of Raboo is to achieve the list of top 20 coins, with more direct competition in the meme coin market with Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and Pepe. This grand goal is so that it can directly fight within the cryptocurrency market cap ranks against these market giants.


Cryptocurrencies have generated a lot of interest in the financial market lately. Bitcoin’s ability to continue to reach new heights and the remarkable success of the Raboo presale so far make for a compelling future. Take the chance to purchase Raboo tokens in the presale stage and become one of the owners of the upcoming meme coin.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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