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Bitcoin of America offers three methods to safely buy Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency world is constantly evolving. More and more consumers are becoming exposed to digital currency such as Bitcoin. However, as the cryptocurrency space is becoming more well known, making your first Bitcoin or Altcoin purchase is still largely confusing for first time buyers. Online exchanges look complicated and a beginner Bitcoin buyer may not know where to start. Bitcoin of America is seeking to change this, by ensuring customers a fast, reliable and safe transaction with their Over the Counter cryptocurrency exchange. Their goal is to provide a seamless transaction to buy bitcoin online.

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For veterans in the cryptocurrency space, the notion that your first crypto purchase is still tedious and complicated may seem laughable. However, a recent video exemplifies just this, for the general population (especially those in the US), cryptocurrency purchases are hard. This is where Bitcoin of America comes in. Bitcoin of America arms consumers with a simple, secure, and straightforward service to buy Bitcoin.

Three Ways to Play

Bitcoin of America offers three methods to safely buy Bitcoin. The first method of exchange is a bank-to-bank wire transfer. This is done directly through the website. Simply create an account to start buying and selling cryptocurrency. Currently Bitcoin of America supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple transactions. The customer will be able to wire money from their bank account directly to Bitcoin of America to buy bitcoin online. As a courtesy, for the first transaction, Bitcoin of America’s customer service team will guide you through the transaction process and will verify the BTC address (or other cryptocurrency) to make sure for a smooth purchase.

Another way to buy Bitcoin is through Bitcoin of America’s Bitcoin ATMs. These Bitcoin ATMs allow a customer to purchase Bitcoin on the spot, usually 24 hours a day. Currently Bitcoin of America operates Bitcoin ATMs in major cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New Orleans and St. Louis, with plans to expand to new cities throughout the US this year. Customers can buy Bitcoin with cash, at any of the Bitcoin ATMs. This allows users a chance to buy bitcoin immediately without having to wait for a wire transfer.

Lastly, Bitcoin of America’s services span to store payment locations throughout the US. Through their online Bitcoin of America account, users can place Bitcoin orders that they later fulfill in store. Orders are time stamped so the exact rate of exchange is locked in. After placing the order, customers simply make their payment at the store location closest to them in order to receive their BTC.

Utmost Ease

Bitcoin of America allows users to buy bitcoin with ease while providing a fast, safe and reliable transaction. The company offers live chat support for wire services to enable a smooth transaction. This allows the customer to be completely comfortable with their purchase and allows them to ask any questions they may have before buying cryptocurrency. Other bitcoin exchanges only offer email support and that may take days to receive a response all while Bitcoin price is fluctuating. Bitcoin of America allows for any issue that comes up be addressed directly and in the best approach possible. Another key feature that sets Bitcoin of America apart from all of its competitors is same day settlement for all cryptocurrency purchases. Simply wire in the morning and receive your Bitcoin in hours! No waiting 5-7 days like other exchanges.

Bitcoin of America ensures a reliable and safe method to buy bitcoin online and through its Bitcoin ATM and store payment locations.

To get in touch with Bitcoin of America, check out their website and follow them on Twitter.


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