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Bitcoin, Raboo and Ondo Are Trending This Week, Why Are Analysts Excited?

The crypto market was a hub of activity last week, even if only some areas were particularly involved. Bitcoin (BTC), Ondo (ONDO), and Raboo ($RABT) trended across networks, all for different reasons.

Bitcoin price and its hack in the DMM exchange, ONDO breaking past its ATH again, and Raboo’s 60% spike in presale were talking points during the week.

We have more crypto buzz here, especially on Raboo’s 100x presale.

Bitcoin price hits bearish waters momentarily

Bitcoin fell to the 8th largest crypto hack ever, as the DMM Bitcoin exchange was breached, leading to the loss of about 4,502.9 BTC tokens. Add that to the massive outflows from the BTC ETFs lately, and you’ll see why Bitcoin price has been penned below $70,000 at time of writing.

The result is a drop in the trading volume on Bitcoin exchanges, especially on Binance and Coinbase. Bitcoin investors seem to be pooling their BTC resources from the exchanges into more secure wallets in anticipation of Bitcoin‘s bullish phase. And the effect is a pretty stagnant Bitcoin chart. 

With the bearish outlook on Bitcoin price, many traders are steering clear of the giant crypto coin. 

ONDO Finance keeps its bullish trend in the DeFi sector

ONDO has had a great run this year, along with many new DeFi initiatives. With many traders favoring its real-world asset applications, ONDO has been stretching its ATH since March.

The token once again extended its highest trading price to about $1.48 already in June. ONDO has seen a 1.52% rise in altcoin value in the past 24 hours, making it one of the top gainers in the crypto market. And it’s not just the token price; even the Futures Open Interest has risen by 10.26%, backing the bullish momentum around ONDO Finance.

ONDO is trending for the right reasons, but CoinGape indicates that the token may be slightly overbought. Considering the consecutive profits, that would be expected, so investors should be prepared for a price correction very soon.

It cannot all be rosy, and when the DeFi coins fail, it’s up to the memes to remedy it.

Raboo is trending, and you can almost guess why the analysts are excited.

Raboo: The complete meme coin experience 

According to Raboo, the last pure meme coin experience would be when memes were new in the crypto-verse. Over time, social media influence and the hunt for clout have made meme tokens lazy–the effects are all over their memes.

Now, we have memes that are no longer fun, even often repeated, and meme coins are the picture of volatility. Raboo wants to change all that now, as its meme philosophy revolves around producing only quality memes for entertainment. That’s where $RABT’s revolutionary AI use case comes in.

With the development of artificial intelligence, more crypto tokens are finding use for the technology. Including Raboo. With generative AI, Raboo will be creating fresh meme content out of its community’s posts. Users are encouraged to participate in the ecosystem by posting content through the Post-to-earn feature on Raboo.

Users get to gain token rewards for contributing to Raboo’s meme creation, and the memes coming out of the platform will be of the highest quality, thanks again to cutting-edge tech from AI.


Raboo preaches the complete meme coin experience: fun with meme creation, rewards through memes, and a hunger to reach the top ranks of cryptocurrency. That hunger is driving the presale at the moment, as investors have pushed it to over $1.6 Million in revenue.

What’s the catch? There’s a 100x ROI to earn once the token hits the big exchanges–now, that’s got everyone excited.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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