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Bitcoin Spark Set To Make Profitable Waves As Altcoin Interest Increases

The altcoin market has increasingly shown bullish signs amid Bitcoin’s recent rally. Analysts and crypto experts suggest that the altcoin market is currently correlating with Bitcoin’s price action, which also shows signs of bulls in action. The overall crypto market sentiment for the short term has transitioned to an upward trajectory after a sideways market took control since the year began. Among the most promising altcoins is Bitcoin Spark, a new technology-friendly Bitcoin alternative.

The Best Altcoins to Buy 2023

The best Altcoins to invest in in 2023 are the Altcoins bringing massive utility to the Web3 infrastructure. These utility projects include layer two scaling solutions, smart contracting platforms, Bitcoin hard forks, and crypto start-ups. These can be existing projects that have been around since the inception of Bitcoin or relatively newer projects that are still in their development stages. Investors who are hunting for massive crypto gains typically focus on more recent and underdeveloped projects that have the potential to deliver according to their roadmaps. Bitcoin Spark has fallen on the radar of these investors, having raised $5 million in the ongoing presale. 

Bitcoin Spark price prediction

Bitcoin Spark’s imminent launch coincides with the ongoing altcoin frenzy spooked by the recent rally of Bitcoin amid increasing anticipation of Bitcoin ETF applications. The altcoin’s ICO is almost coming to a close, with 90% of the ICO phases already completed. Whales have made their predictions on Bitcoin Spark’s BTCS overall price trajectory, suggesting that the crypto asset will retail at $800 in less than 12 months after the project launches its mainnet.

The potential exhibited by Bitcoin Spark is much more than the whales predicted. However, going for a conservative approach, investors could make a fortune if this price is realized. The current BTCS price in the ICO phase 9 is $3.50. This price surge means BTCS retailing at $800 will give investors a 22,000% gain. A $100 investment will be worth $22,000 in the glimpse of an eye. This is merely a price prediction, and investors should do their own research (DTOR), but the project’s utility says it all. 

The Vital Block audited platform is ushering in a new consensus mechanism that completely negates most shortcomings associated with proof-of-work and proof-of-stake blockchains. These two network validation processes are heavily centralized yet, on the contrary, are designed to promote decentralized finance. The contrast prompted deep research by the Bitcoin Spark developers, who came up with the improved proof-of-process consensus that leverages the merits of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake methodologies to come up with a decentralized security-reinforced network.

The network’s mining process will run under decentralized grounds, implying that a singular entity will have the ability to control the lion’s share of the mining activities. This challenge faces Bitcoin, where Antpool and Foundry USA influence the lion’s share of the ecosystem’s mining activities. Proof-of-stake blockchains like Ethereum also suffer the same fate. 

The more a validator stakes, the higher their validation rights and, consequently, the more earnings they get, a linear-based rewarding system. In Bitcoin Spark’s proof-of-work aspect, the technology behind the mining process will be simplified so that miners will execute the process using low-power devices like phones and laptops.

Another fascinating concept in the Bitcoin Spark ecosystem is the team’s devotion to implementing security and safety protocols to safeguard the incoming self-sustaining ecosystem. The group recently announced that it will conduct beta tests on the Bitcoin Spark mainnet as part of pre-launch preparations. The testnets also coincide with scrutinizing the underlying code by white-hat hackers to ensure the project is free from technical vulnerabilities and exploitable bugs that could lead to financial catastrophe.

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