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BitKeep V7.0 Comes With a New NFT Market

We are happy to introduce BitKeep V 7.0 on March 15th, 2022. As the top decentralized multi-chain crypto wallet in Asia, BitKeep brings a new UI and improved sections in the 7.0 version to present our users with enhanced services and add an extra layer of security to the encrypted crypto trading environment.

Aside from the improvement in terms of UI, transaction convenience, user experience, security, and more, BitKeep V 7.0 has launched new features including NFT Market and Discover.

BitKeep V7.0

  1. New UI

The UI is re-designed to be aesthetically consistent and elegant while enhancing performance.

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  1. Wallet

BitKeep V7.0 has made significant improvements in terms of UX, security, and functionality to help users manage their crypto assets. The aim is to provide users with the most convenient location to trade while protecting their privacy and asset security. In BitKeep V.7.0, Wallet:

  • Supports 40+ main chains and DApps from ETH, BSC, Polygon, OEC, AVAX-C, TRON, Solana, etc. 
  • Allows the user to manage assets across multiple chains with one account. 
  • Allows the user to jump to the transaction interface with one tap. 
  • Supports more than 10 languages: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Latin American, Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish, and more.

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  1. Swap

The Swap section includes Quotes, Swap, Bridge, and Launchpad.

  • Quotes is the most comprehensive real-time market data hub, presenting up-to-date intelligence of 200,000+ tokens. Users may access the following data: Live Quotes, Candlestick Charts (where you can choose to view by Day, Week, Month, or Year), Token Contract, Market Cap, Circulating Supply, Holders, transaction histories, data analysis. 
  • Swap supports token swap across 10 chains (ETH, BSC, Solana, Polygon, OEC, TRON, AVAX, Arbitrum, Optimis, Fantom). It has added the support for cross-chain swap between any two tokens. Later on, Swap will support token swap across 26 protocols, including Uniswap, SushiSwap, BabySwap, and Pancake. 
  • Seven bridges, including BK Bridge, Binance Bridge, and Swft, are supported by Bridge. BitKeep is on track to creating the largest and most inclusive decentralized crypto marketplace in the world. 
  • LaunchPad, including BitKeep Project and Aggregated LaunchPad, is designed to give users access to promising projects in their early stages. BitKeep will cooperate with KOLs and fans communities to build a LaunchPad whitelist.

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  1. NFT Market

BitKeep’s new NFT Market section provides NFT trading and display features for various digital artworks and collectibles, providing quality NFT trading channels for global creators and collectors.

  • It has a one-stop service for NFT sale, purchase, display, collection, as well as batch transfer and reception. 
  • Users can purchase NFTs with any token with NFT Market. 
  • NFT Market provides users with up-to-date NFT gainer ranking and NFT recommendations to help them stay ahead of the market trend.

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  1. Discover

Discover integrates features like Message, Cloud Wallet, Help Center, Gift Center, Blind Box, and Airdrop.

  • The Help Center contains graphic tutorials, safety education, etc. for users to get familiar with product functions intuitively, thus avoiding financial losses caused by careless operations. 
  • The Gift Center has a reward distribution mechanism that consists of multiple tasks and different bonuses. Users can check the latest activities and their progress in tasks. They can take on multiple tasks simultaneously.

The launch of BitKeep V 7.0 marks one of the most important milestones since the launch of BitKeep. With the advancement of DeFi, there are increasingly more scenarios where users need to manage assets by themselves. Wallets are no longer a simple asset storage tool as the market demands expanded wallet utility. BitKeep will be more than a blockchain wallet, allowing users to enter the era of Web 3.0 with ease. We sincerely hope you can join us for our future journey in the blockchain world.

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