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BlackRock Gains $100K Seed Funding for Spot Bitcoin ETF; InQubeta Presale Targets $10M as the Year Nears Its End

Blackrock, a leading investment management company, has filed a new proposal before the SEC. This company has been on the list of those likely to get approval for a Bitcoin (BTC) spot ETF since the market’s attention was turned to this venture a few months ago. Blackrock has raised a seed capital of $100k ahead of the approval, heightening interest in this investment opportunity.

InQubeta (QUBE) is on its way to the top of the decentralized cryptocurrency list as investors become increasingly impressed by this AI token’s utility. The project offers an innovative environment where investors can purchase digital assets in its NFT marketplace and earn rewards for holding this investment. It’s a non-traditional way of crowdfunding where both parties stand to gain.

Discover the news surrounding Blackrock’s spot BTC ETF approval and explore the features that make InQubeta stand out as the best cryptocurrency to diversify your portfolio and earn rewards.

InQubeta (QUBE): Revolutionary Fusion of AI and Blockchain For Crowdfunding

InQubeta is gaining traction among investors as the presale journey of this new ICO surges and hits new milestones. With stage 6 almost at completion, this AI-centric token has raised over $6.4 million and is aiming for a target of $10 million as the year ends. Over 610 million QUBE tokens have been purchased in this ongoing presale. Investors looking to become early backers of this revolutionary project are rushing to buy QUBE tokens at this stage with a fixed price of $0.01925 apiece.

These feats are only possible because of the heightened interest in the features InQubeta offers. The project utilizes the blockchain, providing a means for investors to support AI tech startups and benefit as the companies develop. These investments are minted into non-fungible tokens and listed on the platform’s marketplace. This model ensures that investors can get holdings at reduced costs while trading their trending NFTs in the market. It’s a win-win opportunity for startups and supporters, fostered by InQubeta’s innovative structure.

This new ICO is inching closer to its target as investors flock towards its revolutionary model, seeking to reap the benefits of being token holders. A dedicated reward pool for staked tokens and governance rights also await token holders. The proposed list price of $0.0308 offers a 60% increase for all investors who purchase tokens at this stage. With this impressive ROI and a 15% discount for those who use the promo code, there are many more rewards to claim from participating in this presale, making InQubeta the best cryptocurrency for substantial returns and passive earnings.

Bitcoin (BTC): More Investment Opportunities On The Way

A spot Bitcoin ETF has been in the works for the past several months as top corporations submit their applications to the SEC, hoping to get approval. Many expert analysts have predicted that approval will be granted in January, and this optimistic outlook is one of the factors causing BTC to surge as investors remain enthusiastic. This proposal, if granted, could cause Bitcoin’s market value to surge, exceeding expectations.

While other businesses await the SEC’s response, Blackrock (BLK) has jumped, raising $100k in seed capital for its proposed spot BTC ETF. The funds were disclosed this week in a fresh application filed by the company. The application notes that an anonymous investor purchased $100,000 worth, which is 4,000 shares at $25 apiece, in October of this year. These seed shares would fund the creation of Bitcoin ETF units that would be traded in the market. There is increased speculation that the new findings could speed up the SEC’s approval, and Bitcoin may benefit from this news.


The top crypto coins in the market are experiencing a bullish trend. Bitcoin leads the charge, exceeding $44K, as investors hold optimistic sentiments towards the token. Blackrock’s acquisition of a $100k seed fund for their spot BTC ETF proposal has added to its appeal.

InQubeta is also climbing the chart as its presale continues its ascent, targeting $10 million. Investors are flocking to this new cryptocurrency project, aiming to benefit from the trending NFTs backing its revolutionary model. Its astonishing presale and growth potential make InQubeta a top altcoin to watch as the year ends.

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