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Blockchain-based E-Commerce Platform Safex Goes Beta Ahead of Mainnet Launch

The internet revolution introduced many new aspects of digital commerce, such as the concept of online stores and the advent of e-commerce. Today, people can order almost any item they want from web-based shops that can be on a different continent. However, the digitization of market place has done little to change how a “shopkeeper” charges a commission/profit on sales to customers.

No More Middlemen: Safex

Safex is a decentralized e-commerce store that changes how people do their online purchases. Using blockchain as its backbone, the platform eliminates the need for an intermediary, allowing buyers and sellers to directly connect and perform trade. Being decentralized in nature, money is directly sent to the seller, without the intervention of any banking service or the platform. This means that users are free from the transaction/banking charges that normally occur. The platform also alleviates the financial burden on the users as it does not charge a commission by either party.

Safex uses a privacy-oriented blockchain system, guaranteeing a safe and secure environment to consumers, where they can do their purchases without the worry of their financial data being exposed to other parties. The platform also offers transparency, giving consumers and users the assuredness that no information, like buying habits and preferences, is collected. Buyer data segregated on demographics has immense value to market researchers and firms. They shell out money to acquire this data and e-commerce platforms are the largest sources. Since Safex does not collect data, consumer information and privacy are never violated.

Beta Test and Mainnet Launch

Build on the concept of a world where every individual can access financial freedom and perform monetary exchange without the need of middlemen, Safex has been working tirelessly since 2015 to develop its blockchain-based e-commerce platform. Now, the innovative trading platform has started its beta testing phase. With strong community support, the platform is expected to complete its beta testing and launch its mainnet by the end of this year.

When launched, Safex will provide a single platform for people to purchase and trade products and services, without the worry of heavy commissions and private data being collected without their consent.

2-Coin System

The Safex ecosystem is powered by not one, but by two coins. Safex Cash (SFX) is the functional coin that acts as a medium of exchange for all the e-commerce being conducted on the platform. The privacy-based coin is minable and is what drives the platform. SFX is not only used to pay for purchases from buyers, but for all other services on the Safex platform.

Safex Token (SFT) is a utility token that acts as a value of store outside the Safex’s e-commerce functions. It allows investors to fuel and support the platform, allowing developers to create the marketplace. SFT will also enable people to open up accounts on the platform to buy and sell products and services.

Safex, with blockchain at its back and its two-token system, offers the public one of the most transparent and private e-commerce platforms, protecting their rights and offering an efficient, economical and secure environment to do their shopping.

For more information on the decentralized marketplace, visit the Safex website.

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