Blockchain Privacy Platform Particl Joins Forces with Changelly

In the fast-moving world of cryptocurrency, as with many other fields, it pays to have a strong ally. Pooling resources and exchanging knowledge with another company that shares your vision can accelerate the development of new technologies and products and bring great dividends.

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It was perhaps with this in mind that creator of decentralized apps (dapps) Particl and popular cryptocurrency exchange Changelly decided to team up together, with the partnership announced recently at blockchain technology summit Consensus 2018, in Switzerland.

A Shared Vision

With both companies focused on making it easier for crypto users to earn and spend tokens via decentralized platforms, the two partners should prove well-suited to each other. It emerges that discussions took place between developers from Particl and Changelly at Consensus on a variety of key areas, from the use of blockchain technology in online shopping to privacy. Both operations are keen to expand their user-base, thereby increasing market penetration.

Konstantin Gladych, Changelly CEO & Co-Founder recently vouched for the new partnership, stating that by working together, that the two companies can implement an all-in-one approach to interaction between cryptocurrencies and provide the smoothest user experience possible.

What Each Partner Brings to the Table

​​Open-source project and creator of the PART cryptocurrency, Particl is focused on creating secure decentralized apps that allow users to spend their favorite cryptocurrency without fearing for their privacy. At present, only PART is compatible with the Particl Marketplace, the project’s flagship product, which is currently undergoing testing, but the range of accepted tokens is set to be expanded later on.  

Rather than Particl’s platform simply benefitting the developer, its new partner, and the user-base, it believes it will benefit the entire cryptocurrency sphere.

Particl’s Lead Developer Ryno Mathee voiced his excitement in regards to the partnership, and thinks that it will provide a much-needed service, that will open up many new opportunities.

Changelly was founded in 2015 and its popular instant cryptocurrency exchange boasts compatibility with over 100 coins and tokens, with over 2 million users globally. In addition, its extensive instant exchange API has been adopted by a range of key partners such as Coinomi, Coinpayments, Jaxx, and Breadwallet.  

Another role that Changelly plays is that of go-between.  The exchange platform mediates between Binance, Bittrex and other participating platforms to enable new exchange options to be offered by Particl.

​​Looking Ahead, Together

With the world of cryptocurrency gaining ever-greater acceptance by mainstream consumer markets, yet still facing challenges in terms of security, privacy, and trust, it seems logical for two like-minded platforms to join forces.  

By going into partnership, Particl and Changelly believe they will be able to expand the user-base and improve the user experience.  Streamlining the checkout process on the Particl Marketplace should make shopping using cryptocurrency easier and more secure.

Seamless transfer via Changelly of an expanded range of coins and tokens to the PART cryptocurrency should have the effect of boosting trade on the Particl platform.  However, time will tell whether the two companies can leverage their knowledge and expertise to create something innovative, effective and lasting together.

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