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BlockDAG Dashboard Boosts $26.9M Presale Amid CRO & Avalanche Rally

BlockDAG’s Dashboard Surges with Enhanced Features as Presale Nears $27 Million Amid CRO & Avalanche Price Rally

The Avalanche price soared by 7% thanks to a strategic $1 million investment in the NFT lending platform, Salvor, only to drop by 11% shortly after. Meanwhile, the Cronos (CRO) price is poised for a potential breakout, with possible gains if it overcomes current resistances. A significant development in the crypto space is BlockDAG’s presale, which has reached over $26.9 million, driven by its innovative Dashboard launch.

This new feature enhances user interaction by providing detailed insights into transactions, rankings, and referrals, significantly boosting the platform’s accessibility and user engagement. The release of the new Dashboard has further fueled the presale momentum around BlockDAG. While reaching Batch 12 in presale, the BlockDAG coin price surged to $0.0075. With the unique features incorporated in the new Dashboard, crypto enthusiasts are eager to engage more deeply with the project.

Avalanche Price Drops 11% After Initial Rise

The Avalanche price saw a notable 7% increase following a $1 million allocation from the Avalanche Foundation to Salvor, a platform for NFT lending. Despite this boost, the Avalanche price subsequently fell by 11%, touching an ascending support line, indicating a delicate balance in its market position. 

The integration of Salvor into the Avalanche ecosystem aims to enhance liquidity without necessitating asset sales, potentially fostering a stable upward trend.

Cronos Price Anticipates Breakout

The Cronos price is set for a potential breakout from its current descending triangle pattern, suggesting a possible 37% rally if successful. This optimism is backed by significant accumulation from whale investors and strong holding sentiment among retail investors. Despite these bullish indicators, the Cronos price faces key resistances that must be overcome to sustain any rally. Investors remain hopeful yet cautious, watching for signs of a definitive breakout or reversal in trend.

BlockDAG Presale Booms with $50,000 Whale Activity

BlockDAG’s presale is experiencing tremendous success, grossing $26.9 million. The surge in demand, particularly during Batch 12, with the coin priced at $0.0075, is attributed to the newly launched Dashboard mechanism. The surge leads to a 30,000x ROI, making BlockDAG the best crypto for higher returns. This sophisticated tool caters to the growing user base by offering a seamless and intuitive experience, making it easier for users to navigate and manage their activities within the BlockDAG ecosystem.

The BlockDAG Dashboard provides a comprehensive platform for monitoring transactions and user rankings. The Last Transactions Preview in the Dashboard allows users to see the status, stage, time, and amount of their recent transactions. The Referral Screen displays how many purchases were made using their referral link and the bonus dollars earned. Additionally, the Transactions page allows users to view instant purchases, with rankings based on the USD amount purchased. Users investing between $10,000 and $49,999 achieve Shark status, while investments over $50,000 unlock Whale features.

BlockDAG is also making strides with its Low-code/No-code platform, enabling users to create utility tokens, meme tokens, and NFTs without needing deep coding skills. This platform, featuring pre-built templates and an intuitive interface, streamlines deployment, ensuring that the BlockDAG ecosystem remains accessible and adaptable to user needs.

BlockDAG’s Dashboard Frenzy

BlockDAG’s newly launched Dashboard significantly enhances the investor experience by providing a robust overview of transactions, rankings, and referrals, which has fueled the substantial $26.9 million garnered in its presale. This sophisticated tool supports increased investor engagement by offering features like the Last Transactions Preview and the Referral Screen, making it easier for users to track their crypto activities. As investors gravitate towards these innovative offerings, interest shifts from more traditional options like Avalanche price and Cronos price, favoring BlockDAG’s dynamic, user-friendly platform.

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