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BlockDAG Shibuya Success | TON vs BTC | NEAR Price.

BlockDAG’s Tokyo Hotspot Appearance Boosts Presales to $32.8M Amid Toncoin vs. Bitcoin Updates and NEAR Protocol Price Insights

Comparing two of the most famous cryptos in the market, Toncoin vs. Bitcoin, TON outpaced BTC with a 200% surge. Despite this growth, trader sentiment remains negative. Meanwhile, NEAR Protocol’s price rose, showing buyer control, but its future is uncertain and will depend on breaking resistance or potentially falling back to support levels.

On the other hand, BlockDAG welcomed Batch 15, amassing $32.8M from selling 9.8 billion coins and 6,213 mining rigs. The presale was significantly boosted by a viral keynote video launched at Shibuya Crossing, highlighting BlockDAG’s integration with major DeFi exchange platforms and showcasing lucrative profit opportunities and passive income streams like the X30 mining device. Experts now predict that BlockDAG’s price will reach $10 by 2025, positioning it as one of the best cryptocurrencies to mine and invest in.

Toncoin vs. Bitcoin: Toncoin Outpaces Bitcoin’s in 2024

In the Toncoin vs. Bitcoin comparison, Toncoin has significantly outperformed Bitcoin in 2024. Toncoin surged over 200%, while Bitcoin has increased around 50%. Technical analysis shows Toncoin’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) above 60, indicating a strong bull trend, whereas Bitcoin’s RSI is below the neutral line, suggesting a potential bear trend.

Toncoin’s active addresses surged in March, surpassing Bitcoin’s declining active addresses. Despite Toncoin’s growth, trader sentiment remains negative, with a negative funding rate compared to Bitcoin’s positive rate.

NEAR Protocol Price Faces Overbought Signals

NEAR Protocol price increased, with a notable rise in value. Currently priced between $6.71 and $8.68, NEAR faces strong resistance at $9.59 and support at $5.65. While its Relative Strength Index of 60.24 indicates buyer control. 

The high Stochastic at 86.54 suggests it may be overbought and due for a correction. The MACD is only slightly above zero at 0.048, indicating weak positive sentiment. NEAR’s future is uncertain and will depend on breaking the resistance or potentially falling back to support levels.

BlockDAG’s Tokyo Showcase & X30 Miner

BlockDAG recently showcased its exclusive keynote video at Shibuya Crossing, boosting its visibility and attracting widespread attention. This busy Tokyo hotspot, known for high foot traffic and global recognition, provided the perfect platform. The strategic marketing move propelled presales to $32.8 million, with 9.8 billion coins sold. Projections now suggest BlockDAG could hit $10 by 2025, demonstrating the power of effective promotion in the competitive crypto space.

The keynote emphasized BlockDAG’s integration with prominent DeFi exchange platforms such as Bitget and CoinEx and the introduction of its mining devices and a user-friendly crypto payment card. Developed in collaboration with top banking-as-a-service providers, this card facilitates smooth spending of BDAG and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, eliminating the need for transaction approvals or intricate KYC procedures. The card is accepted by 38 million merchants worldwide and exemplifies BlockDAG’s dedication to innovation.

The keynote also thoroughly highlights BlockDAG’s innovative mining devices, focusing on the X30 mining rig, which boasts advanced capabilities to meet the demands of today’s cryptocurrency mining landscape. With an impressive hash rate of 280 GH/s, the X30 emerges as a powerhouse in the field, capable of delivering up to 600 daily coins. This translates to daily earnings of $30, making it a lucrative investment opportunity for miners. Moreover, all these remarkable features are available at an incredibly affordable price of just $600, offering excellent value for miners looking to maximize their returns.

Final Thought

BlockDAG’s appearance at Shibuya Crossing and its X30 mining device have significantly boosted its presale success, raising $32.8M and attracting widespread attention.

This strategic marketing move highlights BlockDAG’s innovative approach and strong potential, with experts predicting its price to reach $10 by 2025. These impressive achievements and positive outlook make BlockDAG a standout in the competitive crypto market and one of the best cryptocurrencies to mine.

In contrast, while Toncoin has outpaced Bitcoin in the TON vs. BTC rivalry, trader sentiment remains negative. Meanwhile, NEAR Protocol’s price rise shows buyer control, but its future hinges on breaking resistance.

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