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BlockDAG Surges 800%, Retik Faces 23% Drop in 24 Hours Post-Listing

BlockDAG Controls The Market Shifting Global Whales For 800% Surge & Retik Finance Faces 23% Price Decline in 24 Hours After Digifinex Listing

BlockDAG knows how to break the limits, distinguishing itself with an updated roadmap, groundbreaking mining rigs, and substantial investor interest. It has captured the attention of global investors. Its recent presale was a phenomenal success, amassing $34 million and distributing over 10 billion coins. This sharply contrasts with the tepid reception of Retik Finance following its listing on Digifinex and the 23% price decline in 24 hours, which has shifted investors toward BlockDAG. 

BlockDAG Ascends 800%, Outshining Retik Finance 

BlockDAG’s updated roadmap is rapidly transforming the cryptocurrency landscape, supported by its seamless integration with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the innovative launch of a mining application. These enhancements, coupled with the BlockDAG Scan Explorer, fortify transaction security and transparency, building trust among investors. 

Additionally, its adoption by significant exchanges tempers market volatility, positioning BlockDAG as a long-term stability and profitability pillar. 

In contrast to Retik Finance’s listing on Digifinex, BlockDAG has already made significant market inroads with a stunning display at Piccadilly Circus and a highly successful pre-sale that generated $34 million and saw the distribution of over 10 billion coins. The sale of 6318 mining units, bringing in $2.7 million, further cemented BlockDAG’s robust market stance. 

BlockDAG’s value, starting at a modest $0.001 per coin, has skyrocketed by 800% to $0.009 in the fifteenth batch. Future projections indicate an explosive investment, solidifying BlockDAG’s promising financial trajectory. 

Retik Finance Struggles Amid Market Corrections

Retik Finance has experienced a 23% price decrease over the past 24 hours, bringing its trading price down to $1.18. This downtrend accompanies a nearly 10% reduction in trading volume as investors continue to sell off, following initial enthusiasm from its recent listings. 

Notably, the RETIK token has been active on exchanges, including DigiFinex, for spot trading, yet the Retik Finance listed on DigiFinex buzz has not managed to sustain the token’s momentum.

On the technical front, Retik’s price movement is locked within a descending parallel channel on the 15-minute chart. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) struggles to breach the average line, repeatedly failing to maintain an upward trajectory as it mirrors a declining wave pattern. 

Furthermore, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) remains negative, indicating a strong downward momentum. This is a concerning sign for Retik Finance, which is listed on DigiFinex, suggesting that the market sentiment remains bearish.

However, for those considering long positions in Retik Finance listed on DigiFinex, it would be prudent to await a definitive breakout above these technical barriers to confirm a bullish reversal.

Unleash Earning Potential with BlockDAG’s X-Series Mining Rigs

BlockDAG’s X-Series mining rigs offer a range of options tailored to different levels of crypto mining enthusiasts, each promising efficient and profitable mining experiences. The series kicks off with the X10 model, perfect for those new to mining. This beginner-friendly rig consumes just 40 watts of power while generating 200 BDAG coins daily, equating to an estimated income of $10 per day.

For miners seeking a middle ground between power and profitability, the X30 model steps up the game. It delivers a daily yield of 600 BDAG coins, or about $30 while maintaining energy efficiency with a 220-watt consumption rate.

At the pinnacle of the series stands the X100 model, engineered for the most dedicated and professional miners. With a formidable hash rate of 2 TH/s, this high-end rig mines up to 2,000 BDAG coins daily, turning into a substantial $100 daily income. Its design expertly balances top-tier efficiency with optimal profitability, making it the ultimate choice for serious mining endeavours. 

The Lucrative Future of BlockDAG’s Mining and Market Value

BlockDAG continues strengthening its market position by introducing the X-Series mining rigs, offering miners an attractive passive income stream. These rigs promise daily earnings of up to $100, making them a lucrative option for crypto enthusiasts at all levels.BlockDAG promises a remarkable investment for early adopters and positions itself as a leading, stable investment in the cryptocurrency market, far outpacing competitors like Retik Finance listed on Digifinex. 

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