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BlockDAG’s $36M Funding Milestone & $100M Liquidity Elevates Over Toncoin & LINK

BlockDAG’s $100M Liquidity Boost Brings in $36M Fundraising, Surpassing Toncoin and Chainlink Developments 

BlockDAG has seized the spotlight with its recent CoinMarketCap listing event, amassing $36 million in its latest fundraising round, setting it apart as a standout cryptocurrency for 2024. While the announcements from Toncoin and the price movements of Chainlink (LINK) have been noteworthy, BlockDAG’s superior fundraising performance, ambitious $100 million liquidity strategy, and structured four-month vesting scheme indicate a strong future trajectory amidst fierce market competition. 

Toncoin’s Market Buzz After Telegram’s New Currency Launch

The announcement of Toncoin, following Telegram’s release of its new digital currency, Stars, has positively stirred the cryptocurrency market. This development has piqued investor interest and led to significant updates for developers on integration processes and potential modifications in app store payment policies. 

The excitement around Toncoin is a testament to its potential for widespread acceptance and growth, particularly with its presence on major trading platforms like Binance.

Chainlink (LINK) Price Rises with Ethereum ETF Approval

Chainlink’s price has surged to a four-week high following the approval of an Ethereum spot ETF, signaling a potential market revitalisation. This price increase reflects Chainlink’s essential role in providing oracles for Ethereum-based applications and decentralized finance (DeFi), underpinning its continued importance in enabling the broader adoption of blockchain technology for asset tokenization. 

BlockDAG’s Strategic Moves to Entice Investors with $100M Liquidity

BlockDAG recently celebrated its CoinMarketCap listing with an impressive showcase at Piccadilly Circus, igniting substantial investor interest. This momentum led to a successful presale, raising $36 million and distributing over 10.1 billion coins. With the coin price now at $0.0095, reflecting an 850% surge, BlockDAG’s status as a key cryptocurrency for 2024 is solidified.

In addition, BlockDAG is deploying a strategic $100 million liquidity plan to reinforce long-term market stability and draw continued investments. This initiative includes a four-month vesting period for presale coins, starting with a 40% initial release and three 20% increments. With substantial liquidity support from premier market makers, BlockDAG aims to stabilize the market further and cater to investor needs. 

Moreover, implementing a stringent three-year lock-up period for team allocations highlights BlockDAG’s commitment to fairness and integrity. Coupled with $2.8 million in miner sales and a total of 6,459 miners sold, this comprehensive approach positions BlockDAG as a promising and trustworthy investment in the fiercely competitive cryptocurrency arena.

BlockDAG as the Top Investment

As the cryptocurrency market evolves, BlockDAG stands out as a prime investment opportunity, distinguishing itself from competitors like Toncoin and Chainlink. With its robust presale results, comprehensive $100 million liquidity support, and well-planned vesting strategy, BlockDAG is poised as a leading and stable investment choice, marking it as a prime crypto asset for 2024. 

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