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$BLUR Sees Ongoing Depreciation Amidst Whale Accumulation

The aftermath of the recent Blur [$BLUR] airdrop has triggered notable activity on exchanges, witnessing a substantial influx of Blur tokens changing hands. 

Lookonchain data reveals that the second-highest beneficiary of the Blur airdrop successfully transferred all acquired tokens to an exchange, totaling 19.9 million tokens valued at around $11.8 million.

Subsequently, these tokens found their way to the OKX exchange, where they were sold at an average price of $0.44. Spotonchain further highlights the involvement of three whales depositing $BLUR to exchanges, each showcasing distinct accumulation strategies.

Massive Whale Activities on the Rise

  1. Whale address with ticker “0x13d”:

   – Deposited 3.75M $BLUR ($2.36M) to #Binance    and #OKX at $0.629 in the past 4 hrs.

   – Accumulated $BLUR from OKX at $0.535 ($2.01M) 2 days ago.

   – Estimated profit: $353K (+17.6%).

  1. Whale address marked “0x397” (Linked to orz-allinornothing.eth):

   – Deposited 1.67M $BLUR ($1.05M) to Binance at $0.629 ~6hrs ago.

   – Accumulated $BLUR from #OKX at $0.375 ($625K) 5 days ago.

   – Estimated profit: $424K (+67.7%).

Noteworthy: orz-allinornothing.eth previously gained an estimated $473K from the BLUR first airdrop.

  1. Wintermute Trading:

   – Deposited 1.75M $BLUR ($1.1M) to OKX ~12hrs and 9hrs ago.

   – Deposited 4.25M $BLUR ($2.7M) to Binance and OKX in the past 2 days.

Despite a recent dip, whale accumulation of $BLUR continues, as indicated by Lookonchain data, reflecting a positive sentiment within the market.

Notable Continued Whale Interest:

– machibigbrother.eth reengages in purchasing $BLUR, spending 415 $ETH ($856K) to acquire 1.54M $BLUR at $0.56 in the past 40 minutes.

– Over the last 4 days, machibigbrother.eth has purchased a total of 2.84M $BLUR ($1.56M) at $0.55.

Currently trading at $0.531, $BLUR’s price movement and whale activities showcase a dynamic market landscape.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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Image Source: itchaznong/123RF // Image Effects by Colorcinch

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