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BONK And PEPE Lead Memecoin Gains As Profit Expectation Grows On DTX Presale

Meme coins have been making headlines due to their positive price movements following Bitcoin’s upturn. Some of those outperforming others in the market include Bonk (BONK) and Pepe (PEPE). Meanwhile, DTX Exchange’s (DTX) presale is ongoing, and investors are captivated by its positive progress. Even experts predict that at the rate the new presale token DTX is going, BONK and PEPE will have to work harder to catch up. Do you agree?


Bonk (BONK) Steers Away From Its ATH

Investors have every reason to be pleased with BONK’s exceptional performance in 2024, which is considered one of the best. In addition, the gains underscore the positive sentiment surrounding Bonk. The meme coin reached its highest point of $0.00004704 in the first week of March 2024.

However, BONK’s price declined, and even though the meme coin did not reclaim the $4 level after that, it has been making strides to close the gap between its lows and ATH. Towards the end of the third week of May 2024, BONK rose by 24% to $0.000031 from a low of $0.000025 to the delight of its investors.

Since then, BONK has maintained an upward trajectory, with sentiment turning bullish and technical analysis suggesting further growth. The surge came following possible Ethereum ETF approval news that spread through the crypto market.

Furthermore, analysts predict BONK will maintain its positive momentum and reclaim the $4 price level by mid-2024. Conversely, if bears take control of the situation, Bonk could drop to the $1 level before the end of Q2.

Pepe (PEPE) Likely to Rise Past Its ATH by End of Q2, 2024

In the last week of Q1, 2024, PEPE set a new all-time high of $0.00001467. However, by the second week of Q2, the price had dropped to a low of $0.000004037, reflecting a 73% decrease.

At the beginning of the last week of May, Pepe corrected its declining price to $0.00001401 and maintained a steady rise. Based on technical analysis, a potential breakout above the resistance level of $0.00001156 could lead to even more upward movement for this meme coin.

Moreover, PEPE may reach $0.00001300 or higher by the end of May 2024, indicating a potential breakthrough of its all-time high and establishing a new record. However, if PEPE does not overcome the resistance, there could be a reversal, which may result in a test of support levels around $0.00000868 or $0.00000777.

Furthermore, if the meme coin breaches these levels, the price may decline to a low of $0.00000392. Let’s see why DTX Exchange (DTX) is a better choice.

DTX Exchange (DTX) presale Performance Exceeds Market Expectations

While PEPE and BONK’s price surges reflect significant bullish trends in the meme coin market, a new DeFi project, DTX Exchange (DTX), is also making headlines as an unbeatable investment option. The ICO continues to capture the interest of market experts and traders due to its innovative hybrid exchange and stellar presale performance.

Operating on the ERC-20 network, DTX Exchange (DTX) is a one-stop platform for novice and experienced crypto traders. Investors can start trading instantly without needing any KYC requirements. Additionally, DTX offers a unique 1000X leverage that makes it easier for investors to join the platform.

Furthermore, DTX Exchange (DTX) provides a diverse range of tradable assets in one convenient location. In addition to the powerful leverage, DTX traders benefit from excellent price execution due to its distributed liquidity pools.

The estimated launch price of DTX is set at $0.12, which offers significant gains of 500% for the first investors. The remarkable ROI has generated considerable interest among prospective investors, who eagerly gravitate towards the progress of the presale coin currently in Stage 2, priced at a modest $0.04.

Several BONK and PEPE investors are shifting their focus to DTX Exchange (DTX) due to its stability and promising investment potential. It is considered one of the best coins to buy now.

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