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BONK Prepares For Next Leg Up, Can It Beat DTX Exchange and Dogecoin as Top Memecoin

In May, the crypto market witnessed many ups and downs where many altcoins have yielded massive returns and many have disappointed the investors. Among the lead gainers, DTX Exchange (DTX) and Dogecoin (DOGE) prices have witnessed a bullish trajectory amid market hype.

Bonk (BONK) is another leading meme token, setting the stage for a rapid upsurge. Despite its recent sluggishness, charts indicate a bullish traversal for the meme coin, fueling investor expectations for the potential price breakout of BONK. 

BONK Price Can Skyrocket Once Vesting Process Ends

While BONK is trading 6% down on the intraday chart, this decline is primarily attributed to the ongoing vesting activity, leading to notable selling pressures. 161 billion tokens, worth around $4 million are vested every Friday. As the process is expected to end in two weeks, analysts project a significant shift in sentiment, leading the BONK meme coin toward a potential price breakout. 

Moreover, the rise of 14% in trading volume highlights an increasing demand for the meme coin. Indicators also suggest a neutral zone for BONK. The meme coin can leg up to catch up with the gains of its competitor Dogecoin if it continues to deliver returns within the next few days.  

Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Heading Towards a Golden Cross

Dogecoin (DOGE) has displayed massive strength in the past two weeks. Backed by top industry leaders and its recent integration with Tesla as a payment method, DOGE’s price witnessed a notable price surge. Despite its minor price retracement amid broader market turbulence and declining BTC trajectory, analysts are positive about its prospects. 

DOGE’s price is expected to yield explosive profits as it reaches the golden cross after three years. History speaks of the potential of an 8000% surge in this scenario, leading investors to fill bags. As the trading volume continues to rise, Dogecoin is in a bullish zone, set to witness a massive price breakout, leading to the anticipated meme coin rally. 

DTX Exchange Leads Crypto Space With a $530,000 Presale

DTX Exchange (DTX) has emerged as a top presale project in 2024, providing early adopters a once-in-lifetime opportunity to take positions in DTX for explosive returns. Through its 1000x leverage feature, DTX aims to rule the trading sector, becoming a game changer for traders in a range of financial markets including cryptos, stocks, equities, and forex. 

The 1000x leverage DTX platform is perfectly positioned to become a major stakeholder in the trading sphere with its robust security and blockchain technology.  The users can utilize distributive liquidity pools to optimize funding and trade efficiently without any potential risks of data compromisation due to its KYC-free onboarding. 

The hybrid platform is grabbing the attention of global investors after its ground-breaking presale stage 2 performance. The project has raised $530,000 with over 15% of tokens sold. This rapidly surging demand provides investors an ideal opportunity to enter the presale early as the DTX token price is anticipated to reach $0.06 in the next round of presale. 

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