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Bonk vs Option2Trade: Who Will Grab More Investors’ Attention

Comparing Bonk vs Option2Trade (O2T) is like choosing between a hyped meme fad and a utility-driven token that has an entire ecosystem on its back.

In the crypto space, there are two types of investors; those who want to be millionaires and those who want a stabilized organic growth that sustains a long time. Though turning a millionaire overnight like Jorden Belfort is rare and investors often lose their money to the whales, these risk-takers don’t give up. This is the reason why meme coins with unrealistic hype go insanely high and drop back down at the same pace as the hype dies.

However, those who invest in the utility tokens and believe in sustainable growth might get lesser returns but that adds up to more than that short-lived meme category. These projects slowly establish their ecosystem and grow the loyal community around them. This community eventually brings in the investors that are diamond hands.

Now that we understand the two categories of different kinds of coins, the investors’ psyche, and their expectations, let’s now compare Bonk (BONK) and Option2Trade (O2T) coins and see which has more potential to grow.

What is Bonk Coin?

Bonk (BONK) is a Solana-based meme coin that was strategically introduced to turn the bad image of Solana positive. Solana was associated with FTX and after the crash of FTX, it was losing value swiftly. Bonk (BONK) grabbed the investors’ attention and brought new developer activity to the Solana network. The name Bonk (BONK) is inspired by a 2019 video showing a Shiba Inu being hit with a hammer with a Bonk sound. Bonk (BONK) helped Solana turn bullish again. The token dedicated 50% of its supply to airdrops:

  • 20% has been airdropped to 40 different NFT collections
  • 15% to Open book traders
  • 10% to people who sold or collected art on 
  • 5% to Solana developers

What is Option2Trade (O2T)?

Option2Trade (O2T) is a utility and governance token by the Option2Trade (O2T) Social trading platform ecosystem. The token offers a plethora of utilities across the Option2Trade (O2T) ecosystem. Besides its price gains, it offers incentives, rewards, and voting rights, and unlocks other premium features for the investors which makes it an attraction for the mature investors. The token is still in its infancy with a huge potential to grow in the future. The token has dedicated 50% of its supply for presale with the following tokenomics:

  • 50% of the allocation is dedicated to the presale.
  • 21% is allocated for liquidity.
  • 12% is earmarked for marketing.
  • 9% is designated for trading/gaming liquidity.
  • 7% is allocated for team and partnerships.

Bonk vs Option2Trade (O2T):

Though both Bonk (BONK) coin and Option2Trade (O2T) aim to grab the investors’ attention, which one will succeed in it in 2024 and beyond? 

Bonk (BONK) coin stands out for its unique approach to community engagement through airdrops and incentivizes the Solana ecosystem. On the other side, Optio2Trade (O2T) is a utility-focused token with a long-term perspective to offer a well-rounded investment proposition. It offers diverse utilities with growth potential over time. 

Bonk (BONK) has an established community with high engagement but it lacks the real utilities that a project must have to grow in the long run. Tokens that rely on hype and memes need consistent input from the community to stand in the gainers. Option2Trade (O2T) on the other side appeals to mature investors who look forward to sustainable growth and real utilities.

Option2Trade (O2T) is still in the initial stage and as the platform grows, it can soar higher. This makes Option2Trade (O2T) a better  potential investment option as compared to Bonk (BONK) coin in 2024.

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