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Brand New Bitcoin Sportsbook Launched by FortuneJack

FortuneJack is one of the most known names in the cryptocurrency industry. It’s a long standing gambling site that is run by a team of professionals. The platform is most known for their poker game which can be played without needing to download any additional software. Recently, FortuneJack launched their Bitcoin Sportsbook which allows anyone to bet on the outcomes of various sports such as Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Football and much more.

Over 1200 Events and Positions

The FortuneJack bitcoin sportsbook provides for a wide selection of events and positions. The most popular sport on which you can bet on FortuneJack’s sportsbook is soccer. Currently there are over 1200 different events and positions one can bet on for soccer alone. Basketball is the second most popular sport with over 230 events one can bet on followed by Ice Hockey with over 220 events. In fact, FortuneJack has more events and positions available for those interesting in bitcoin betting on sports than any other crypto based sportsbook!

Unique ways to settle bets and cash out

Some unique features for FortuneJack’s bitcoin sportsbook includes a live tracker for live events. This allows for the bets to settle as soon as the event has occurred without needing to wait for any dela. Furthermore, there are multiple ways to cash out your winnings instantly.

For example, you can stop your betslip at any time and cash out an unlimited amount of money instantly. If you prefer to cash out automatically simply choose your preferred value preliminary and cash out whatever you want. Last but not least, you can save desired events, keep track of changes in their odds and place a bet without ever needing to leave the draft. The draft is a unique feature which allows you to choose positions and analyze and save information about your favorite games via a simple and convenient menu.

Simple to navigate user interface

Another benefit of choosing FortuneJacks’ bitcoin sportsbook is the exceptional user interface. You can choose a sport and the match to bet on with just a few clicks. The interface is also extremely mobile friendly and it’s just as easy to do it from your mobile phone. Furthermore, if you choose to bet on any of the live in play matches, there is an animation that lets you know exactly what’s going on with the match. Clicking the Live In-Play button on the top menu will lead you to the current live match.

Awesome User Reviews

Because FortuneJack is such a huge platform, there are plenty of reviews both for the website itself and the new sportsbook. If you search for FortuneJack reviews on Google you will find more have over 4 stars for the platform. Being a longstanding player in the cryptcurrency space FortuneJack has maintained a high reputation and rightfully so.

FortuneJack has 24/7 friendly support which is always available. If you have any issues or questions when it comes to using the website of  Sports betting with bitcoin don’t hesitate to send an email to support

Check out the new FortuneJack bitcoin sportsbook for yourself. With thousands of available events and positions to bet on, there is no way you won’t find what you are looking for.

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