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BudBlockz (BLUNT): An Emerging Altcoin Set to Dominate the Crypto Market in 2023

The cryptocurrency market is increasingly changing as investors become savvy about where to invest their hard-earned money. Following the collapse of Terra Stablecoin and, most recently, the FTT token, the focus has shifted towards projects with special use cases or utility. It’s becoming clear that only projects with proven need have what it takes to survive the current bear trend.

BudBlockz Cannabis Focus

BudBlockz is one project that has shown signs of dominating the crypto market for many years. The Ethereum-powered project has set out to apply blockchain technology to the burgeoning cannabis sector. It has already established the first-of-its-kind digital decentralized cannabis platform that will enable people to benefit from the multi-billion sector.

The platform will give enthusiasts a unique way of accessing the multi-billion sector and pursuing investment opportunities. People can buy and sell various cannabis products from the platform. In addition, with the help of $BLUNT, the ecosystem native token, users will also enjoy fractional ownership of cannabis farms and dispensaries.

With the help of blockchain technology, BudBlockz is poised to spearhead the cannabis industry evolution amid the legalization and decriminalization spree. The opening up of the market should present unique opportunities as more people look for ways to gain access to various cannabis products securely while maintaining their privacy. Its ultimate goal is to turn the cannabis market into a democratic, inclusive and accessible marketplace.

BudBlockz Ganja Guruz NFTs

Investors and whales are also expressing their interest in BudBlockz owing to its exposure to the Non-fungible token marketplace and cannabis. Moreover, many experts believe the project has what it takes to become the next big thing following the launch of Ganja Guruz, a line of premier NFTs that accord holders a string of benefits.

Ganja Guruz NFT holders will be eligible for membership in all BudBlockz dispensaries and discount codes on products available in various stores. In addition, holders will also access fractional ownership of cannabis dispensaries and farms.

BudBlockz DeFi Opportunity

BudBlockz is also looking to offer exposure to the burgeoning decentralized finance spectacle amid the transition from centralized systems. It has already launched BudSwap, a new DeFi platform that enables peer-to-peer financial transactions without an intermediary. The platform will allow $BLUNT token holders to lend and borrow funds from others.

It will also enable the trading of cryptocurrencies while generating passive income through $BLUNT token staking. Furthermore, the decentralized exchange is to be integrated with the BudBlockz wallet, offering a simplified route for people to convert other assets to buy products.

BudBlockz has also unveiled the first of its kind play to earn a platform based on cannabis and crypto gaming. BudBlockz Arcade is the platform that will allow players to play various retro games and compete against one another to stand a chance of winning $BLUNT tokens.

Bottom Line

While thinking of long-term goals in the cryptocurrency sector, investing in projects with proven utility and use cases is essential. BudBlockz is an emerging project that ticks all the boxes as it moves to revolutionize the cannabis sector while offering exposure to DeFi and Non Fungible tokens.

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