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Can Ethereum (ETH) Hit $4000? Experts Back HedgeUp (HDUP) as Best DeFi Token In 2023, Showing Consistent Gains

As crypto prices continue to recover, Ethereum (ETH) is leading the charge. This has left many questioning whether the cryptocurrency has what it takes to cross the $4000 mark for the second time.

In other news, HedgeUp (HDUP) has been chosen as the best DeFi token of the year. This comes after the token demonstrated consistent gains in its presale. The presale, which is in its third stage, has been going strong for around a month now.

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Ethereum (ETH) to reach $4000 again?

Ethereum (ETH) is the second largest and most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin (BTC). Its price has been on the rise since the start of 2023. The digital asset is currently trading at $1,813.68, a 51% increase from its price of $1196 at the start of the year.  With the bear market around the corner, will ETH cross the $4000 mark?

$4000 is being used as a reference because Ethereum (ETH) was able to achieve such heights in the last bull run. In fact, the cryptocurrency went on to reach an all-time high (ATH) price of $4,891.70 in November 2021. 

But less than a year later, Ethereum (ETH) was hit hard by the crypto winter. It would go on to lose more than 80% of its value to trade at less than $900. This was a particularly hard time for crypto investors and projects building on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Since the start of 2023, however, it has been a different story. Ethereum’s (ETH) price has made consistent gains. It even crossed the $2000 mark. So, experts believe that when the market fully recovers, Ethereum will hit the $4000 mark and even go on to beat its previous ATH.

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HedgeUp (HDUP) judged to be the best DeFi token of 2023

Experts are backing the presale token, HedgeUp (HDUP), as the best DeFi token of 2023. The token’s presale has been moving from strength to strength since its launch in April. This, combined with its impressive projected returns, has made it a top target for investors and crypto whales from around the world. 

HedgeUp (HDUP) is building an investment platform on the Ethereum protocol. The platform was designed to help users invest in alternative asset classes like exquisite artwork, precious metals, rare wines and whiskeys, and valuable jewelry. It leverages blockchain technology through NFTs to allow people to fractionally invest in alternative assets.

The token HDUP will serve this platform’s internal currency. Investors will be required to use it to purchase assets, pay trading fees, and bid at auctions. 

But this isn’t HedgeUp’s (HDUP) only function. According to the HedgeUp (HDUP)team, the token was designed to reward investors throughout its lifecycle. This means that it has a lot of utility and benefits within the project’s ecosystem. For example, HDUP holders get voting rights on the HedgeUp (HDUP) DAO. They will also receive exclusive discounts and drops from the project. 

HegdeUp’s (HDUP) utility is what made experts pick it as the top DeFi token of 2023. It is still in presale, meaning investors have an opportunity to grab it at a discounted price. The token currently goes for $0.020.

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